Enter the Dareous

A small beeping noise sounded in Pinkie’s ear. Sam’s voice came through.

“Pinkie, get Alex and meet Dareous in the control room.”

“How come?” Pinkie asked.

“It’s David, he’s alive.” On Alex hearing this he launched himself out of his bed pushing Pinkie out the way and hastily put a pair of blue denim jeans on which were crumpled up on the floor. He opened the cupboard and grabbed the nearest shirt to him. He tore off his baggy, soggy, white shirt he was wearing in bed then placed the new one on; a light grey with a circular pattern running diagonally down it. Pinkie got out the bed and made her way out the hologram door, which the light bend around them as they left, she was swiftly followed by Alex. They exited into a crimson coloured corridor in which the paint had been worn down over time. They made their way through without speaking a word to each other. Pinkie took a second to look back at Alex and noticed his eyes change. From grief to joy. David, she knew, meant the entire world to him.


The corridor exited to the floor, an open area with work spaces spread around, a converted bunker near the outskirts of New Orleans. The majority of the Excepts were on the floor with some in the games room watching the television or playing table football. Workers jogged about back and forth carrying top-secret information between people or they sat at desks typing rapidly on keyboards. They had to keep the cloaking device up and running and all defence protocols. Some confused satellites into bypassing this area or manipulating their data to show no activity. Around fifty people worked here all trained to fight if necessary, mostly workers but the Excepts usually made up twelve of them with each one that falls being replaced with a new one. You had the same sense of despair and death in here as you had outside but in here, we fought it off. We gave love and care back to this silent city. Today though the death of Tony plagued everyone eating away at our souls and until now the death of David. News spread fast around here, everyone already knew, people were smiling at Alex and Pinkie as they sped past. A glimmer of happiness could now be felt around the floor. People here cared for each other so when one dies it affects all and unfortunately, it is a regular occurrence. They headed towards a fully black room in the corner, it had no windows to peer through, blocked off completely from the remainder of the floor. It is the command room. Alex and Pinkie came up to the door and Pinkie placed her password in. The three inches thick steel door opened sideways allowing them to enter. The room was dark and it took them a second to notice Captain Dareous sitting at one end of the table. He looked at them, he has no hair along with pale white skin he always wore his army uniform, no matter the occasion, a green-brown suit.

The End

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