Alex Awaken

“Alex?” A woman spoke, her voice soft and gentle. Soothing. The words were aimed at a sobbing heap lying face down on the bed how did not answer. Alex clenched his duvet firmer; he eyes were worn, tear drops had solidified down his face showing his grief. He knew that he should be able to control himself, he is an Except after all, he has been near death before and not broken down. Grief is a sign of weakness. Alex sobbed louder this time. He does not care; he thought he had lost David. He had always been there for him and now he is gone.

“Alex?” the woman asked again. He thought about answering for a moment, even opened his mouth, yet nothing came out. David appeared in his head; he stood tall, light brown eyes looking into the sky, weapon in his hands and his family around him. What family! He is dead and he is never going to get a family anymore. This got Alex to burst into tears again. David had been with him since childhood, nothing had stopped them, causing pranks and being normal misfit kids. Then they got a leaflet from school to join the army and both of them wanted to. That was that, they joined and they were very good, David became a pilot and Alex a first line infantry specializing in close combat and stealth, both of them excelled at this and became Excepts. This meant they were one of the best in the world and they were given missions to protect the free world along with the other Excepts in there group. They moved from war zone to war zone but recently they had been only in America. Fighting on home soil. They managed to make it so they were assigned together, a rarity, now look what happened. Twenty-three, such short a time to have a life, too young. More tears flowed down Alex’s face.

“Alex?” the woman tried again. This time he answered loudly.

“What!” he screamed at her. She jumped back a little. She looked at him with sensitive eyes while making her way over to him sitting down on his bed. “What do you want Pinkie?” She now seemed incapable of speaking instead she placed her hand on his shoulders. Alex still faced away from her, lying on his bed, staring at the wall.

“I want you to be okay.”

“David died yesterday and as did Tony, we don‘t even have David‘s body.” Pinkie almost told him not to reach conclusions but she knew if he did not come back, the chances were slim that he was alive. “David died only twenty-four hours ago how am I meant to be okay?”

“I know it’s hard. I know how much you cared for him but you know how quickly we work Alex, we are Excepts. We are people who are so skilled we are chosen to represent the world and everything we do is to help people. We however go to the worst places in the world and yes, death is usually a part of that. You know that Alex.”

“We still don’t have his body.”

“We can still say goodbye to him.” Pinkie sighed. She started rubbing his shoulders in an attempt to comfort him.

“I know but. I. I can usually. Usually.” Alex tried to talk through tears all he wanted to do was cry. Part of him was stopping him from talking. His mouth had dried up and his stomach had filled with weights.

“Deal with everything.”

“I have known him nearly twenty years.” Alex looked up at her. “He’s my best mate.”

“We all lose friends in this line of work.” Pinkie spoke slowly taking care to avoid him crying again.

“I know.”

“And I am deeply sorry.” she spoke with compassion to him.

“I know.” Alex’s voice had become sharper. Pinkie lent over him and placed her arm around him. He stayed still.

“I am here for you, if you wish to talk.” Alex remained silent for a few moments before replying.

“Jenifer, I think that,” Alex gulped, he did not know how to say it, “I think that I, I.” Pinkie gave a little smile.

“It‘s okay you don‘t have to tell me.” Alex pulled the duvet down with Pinkie’s help, sat up, and looked into Pinkie’s loving sapphire eyes. She has a thin face, a cute little chin and small ears with a petite nose. Her hands were about two-thirds of the size of his and she had a perfect little smile. She had wild hair spreading out in all directions, yet it looked great. A brilliant pink colour with purple streaks running through it that bedazzled him during usual circumstances. Her clothes clung to her skin showing off her curvy figure. Pinkie looked into Alex’s dark blue eyes and saw sadness and pain. His short jet-black hair had a single white stripe running down either side; it had been messed up when he hid under his duvet. She gave another small smile before hugging Alex allowing him to cry on her shoulder.

“It’ll be okay, it’ll be okay.”

The End

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