Rising Sun Contact

“Hello this is Samantha, how may I help you?” The man smirked.

“Start by telling me why you lot left me on my own.” David spoke clearly with a deep voice.

“David!” she yelled forcing him to pull the device away from his ear. He moved it back and spoke to her again.

“Yeah Sam, it’s me.”

“Oh my god, what happened? We lost contact with you mid-way through the mission. Are you hurt?”

“No I’m fine but I need to get myself out of here. Can you send the chopper?”

“Should be able to, give me your co-ordinates.” David peered down at his watch and clicked one of the buttons on the small green screen.

“New Orleans, 5678-3673.”

“David, Alex took you as dead, he’s spent most of his time since getting back in his bed, Pinkie‘s been in there trying to sort him out.”

“Thanks, I’ll talk to him when I get back. Did everyone make it home from the last mission? Well except me.”

“No. No.”

“Who?” David voice darkened.

“We lost Tony Meina; sniper took him out shortly after we lost contact with you, he died quickly.” David placed his head in his hands and sighed. David took a deep breath before speaking again.

“Has his body been scattered yet?” his voice now quieter.

“No, we should be scattering his ashes in the sky tonight.”

“I’m sorry. Thanks for telling me.”

“It’s okay but David, we’re glad your okay. I think if we lost two in one go it would be too much”

“Yeah I know. It’s good to hear you voice.”

“Yours too, the chopper should be there in ten minutes keep a eye to the sky. Rising Sun out.” The device cut out, leaving David to play out his thoughts in his head. The last two days were nearly over. David gave a small smile for Tony before hitting himself hard on his head. You should never say that it is over, because in this job, nothing will ever be over.

The End

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