Around the shop new and old computers were on display along with televisions and game consoles. The area would have been deserted quickly, no time for looting. The evacuation took three days to complete, anyone who had not gotten out would have been killed by rebels or taken into the Vaults. Afterwards most shops would have been looted its pure luck that this shop had been missed, this is good for him. The man started moving towards the back of the shop, making sure that he treaded carefully, making sure that his steps were silent. Dust filled the air he breathed while being shown clearly against the rays of light that were entering the shop. He spotted what he needed, an Ayrte sixty inch TV, nanotechnology.


The man pondered for a moment before taking his rifle out and placing the TV on its side. He returned to his belt and pulled out a small white device no bigger than a pack of cards. The device is a Lepzeg communicator and can send messages across the world in 1/1000 of a second. The signal can go through any barrier meaning messages can be sent from any location at any time even ten inch thick lead. The man turned his weapon upside down and using the rifle’s butt he hit the top right corner of the screen, a small crack appeared; the cover loosened. He repeated this by hitting the top left corner of the screen. The front plate loosened further. He did this again with the other two corners almost completely detaching the screen before placing his weapon down. The man placed his fingers in the gap he had just created and gripped it tightly. Using his strength he tore the frame of the screen off. He pulled the screen out and placed it on the side upside down. Underneath the screen were seven nanotech parts that were connected together, silent for the moment, which allowed the television to work. The man pressed two buttons on either side of the Lepzeg and opened it up. He watched as the remainder of the nano-bots left inside the communicator floated away into the sky to escape. He was careful not to breathe them in as you could get a disease called Nano-cough. He placed the Lepzeg in his left hand and using his right moved a few bunches of wires out the way in the television to get to the storage part. He elbowed it and a light blue gas came out with white dots sparkling against the blue this was what a high amount of nanobot looked like. Moving the Lepzeg above the nano-bots, they were attracted to it and entered; a small buzzing noise came from the device which grew louder as more nano-bots entered. He could contact home base now. Allowing another few seconds to entice more nano-bots into the machine, he closed the communicator back up. He pressed the button home and placed the device to his ear. A loud buzzing sound rang in his ear. A woman spoke down the line.

The End

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