Dark Weapon

America has been torn apart by revolution after the nuclear valentine so when an alien spaceship cash lands in New Orleans things can only get worse as it turns out to be a precursor for an Alien invasion. We have no hope of stopping them its just how long we can survive.

I believe that all free-thinking people have this thought, that their is something or someone up in the skies and what would happen if they contact us. I am one of those however I am also one of those who look deeper into every question and realise its not an if they contact us. It’s a when.” The President eighteen years forward.


Someone was running through the city of New Orleans. The silent city. The landscape lay in ruins. The buildings were torn apart by a mixture of war, hurricanes and rioting. Nothing stood peacefully here. The grim smell of lost lives that fill the street is still as vile as when the atrocities first happened. Rats and decomposers had been eating away at the dead bullet-ridden bodies lying mangled on the pavements. It polishing the city’s stench off in a vibrantly disgusting way. To us, this place is an area on the map that we should never enter. So then why is there a man running through these streets of despair with this devastation in clear sight around him? The man has a bulky build yet somehow slender in movement, he ran light-footed barely making a sound on the ground while he carried several pounds of military equipment. Sweat dripped heavily from his brow. he pushed himself forward trying to go somewhere or to run away. Twenty-four hours ago a small battle had lit up the night sky in the southern part of the city in which the running man had fought it. It was in this battle he managed to lose his team and became lost. Dawn had begun to creep up over the horizon and with it the first glimpses of the orange sunlight. The glow had began to shine through the sharp edges of the bombed out buildings and onto the desolate streets. This sunrise would be seen as magnificent anywhere else, having the sky shine with beauty, but here, it just allows you to see clearly the city that once stood tall. No children played games on the streets, instead the rebels march up and down with the civilians that still live are living inside large facilities known as Vaults. Treated as slaves. Their every move controlled.


No less than two years ago a rebellion had started, first in small pockets across the southern states dealt by with by riot police. Then they began in larger numbers and they soon they took control of three major cities: Tampa, Miami and New Orleans. The aim of this rebellion was ‘To create the America our founders had wanted to create. An America that was completely independent!’ and to ’bring this broken country back to the superpower that it once was’ The President John Dough had tried to unite the countries together to create one world, united together under the banner of the planet Earth and then, in theory, this would bring an end to all the wars in the world. This seemed to be working when he began. He received thunderous support from America and her allies however a catch had to happen. Some of the countries that joined saw this as another way to push them forwards economically and get what they wanted through other countries. Initially this began as a way to advance third world countries, then some began to ask for weapons and ways to protect themselves, the President succumbed too many of these demands. The American public began to question whether he was fit to lead the country then two years ago on February the fourteenth, Jerusalem asked for the ability to create nuclear weapons. This became known as the nuclear Valentine. The rebellion then began. One that lost seven of America’s southern states while frightening the remainder of the country. They named them New America although most people refer to them as the handgun states. The President stayed in office but the next election takes place in November and it is likely that he will see his demise from power.

The End

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