The One who Watches

He watched the one called Grull with a wary eye.  He had not intended to remain hidden from one of those born of the beasts, particularly not this particular specimen.  

Rosh watched and waited as he always did.  He had been here in the church all day, and the skill required to remain unseen by the ones he shared this church with was beginning to weary him.  He was well motivated, though.  To be caught spying on this particular Warking ceremony would have caused some difficulties.

"... but we've underestimated them.  Let's be careful not to do it again."  listening to valkir speak, Rosh was amazed at his arrogance.  A member of the Warking inner circle for perhaps ninety seconds and he was already using intonations of command.

He could not figure out what stopped Anthrok from striking that upstart Valkir then and there, for it was obvious in the way he ate the meat that he had taken nothing from it.  Every portion of his body had rejected the power that had been offered freely.  Did Valkir even know what power Anthrok wielded in his seemingly frail frame?  

Rosh's eyes were drawn back to Grull, who was sniffing the air in a most unnerving manor.  He hoped that it was blood that had rang in the nostrils of that beast, and not his scent.  

"Grull, find three who are praying to the God of the Hood tonight and fill the graves with their bodies.  Be sure to make them quite unrecognizable."  At this the large manthing twisted it's mouth into what Rosh assumed was what passed for a smile, before turning and leaving the building in purposeful strides.  He shuddered to think of the way that those three would die.  He hoped that it would be quick.  He may not like the Hood, but very few people deserved the fate that came when Grull was permitted a ill.

Rosh noted with relief that the doors still stood agape and took his chance to leave the unpleasant company.  He had heard enough to know that the plan had worked as planned.  His master would be pleased.  

The Warkings had been given a pause, and so would be more cautious.  It would not do for them to make their move too quickly.  If they were to survive long enough to be useful they must remain undiscovered long enough to grow powerful.  If they became destroyed too quickly it would undo much of the progress that the last ten years had wrought in the undoing of the Hood.

The End

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