Truro High School

Chapter Two

Truro High School


Truro has a population of about 1,700 people. Some schools have that many students. Truro High School has three-hundred-four students, (not all of them live in town) including me. Some grades at schools over that many students. So here it doesn’t matter what grade you’re in really. There aren’t that many teachers, and there’s only two lunch classes. Here, everyone knows everyone and everyone’s business. 

So you can imagine what it’s like to have a girl who’s just been broadcasted nationwide to enter your school system. Personally, it wasn’t the attention that was bothering me. It was the fact that the high school wasn’t what I’d been expecting. For some reason my fantasies of Truro High School had been the completely cliche high school where there were the ‘popular’ girls who practically ruled the entire school. My theory had not been proved correct when I entered the doors of the large new building. I wished everything was modern. I loved modern things. Didn’t schools realize that attendance rates would go up if they did cool architecture? 

There was only one person who reminded me exactly of what I’d imagined. A girl with somewhat curly blond hair. I’m not any good at describing clothes-mainly because I’m not that into fashion-so I basically had absolutely no idea of what she was wearing. The girl wore a pink v-cut shirt with small straps along with a black bag and tight blue jeans. Her eyes were hidden by a pair of large sunglasses. 

“Who’s that?” I asked Jamie, who was showing me around the school. To tell the truth, I’d only been half paying attention. It was easy to zone out when he was speaking if you weren’t that interested in whatever he was talking about. 

He turned to look at the blonde girl. “Taylor Johnson.” Jamie didn’t even give her a second glance, as if he didn’t really care. And he probably didn’t. Turning around, he began pointing towards the office and some other areas. The bell rang, and everyone rushed to class. But I was pretty sure Jamie would end up being excused since he was showing me around and all. 

That was when Elizabeth stepped in behind us. I wasn’t enrolled yet, so she had to come and explain everything. Even though Elizabeth’s hair was brown and Jamie’s was dirty-blond, it was obvious they were related. “Come on, let’s go,” she said, leading us into the school’s office. There was a woman at a desk. She looked up when we walked in. “Hello, Elizabeth, Jamie,” she said politely with a nod. When the woman turned to me, her eyebrows lifted up. I assumed that she was one of the people who hadn’t seen the news report with me in it-considering there was a completely lost look when she spotted me. “So you did decide to adopt a daughter!” 

Jamie turned to his mother with a surprised look. “You were going to adopt without telling me?” he asked with a blush rising to his face. 

Elizabeth blushed when the subject came up. “Well we were looking into it...But that doesn’t mean that we were going to for sure! And actually we didn’t adopt her. It’s a bit of a long and complicated story...” she explained. 

“I’m pretty sure finding a girl in the middle of the ocean and becoming her ‘temporary’ guardians is practically the same as adoption,” I said with a small smirk. 

As I said this, the woman’s eyes widened even more. And I didn’t blame her. That probably was a confusing statement. She opened her mouth to speak, but was interrupted when the door opened behind us. “Taylor Johnson! You could be suspended for cheating on my test! Especially through texting! What is wrong with your generation?” an older woman who was dragging the blonde girl into the office practically shouted. We all turned around. She nodded as she walked into the principal’s office with Taylor. “Good morning. Jamie, Elizabeth and friend.” 

There was an awkward silence for a moment as the door was slammed shut. The woman at the desk cleared her throat and looked at me. “And you are?” 

“Anna,” I told her cooly. 


“Davidson?” I asked, unsure of what my real last name was at this point. 

“So you’re Elizabeth’s sister then?” 

“No. More like daughter in an odd way....” 

Thankfully, Elizabeth stepped in to make sure things didn’t get too confusing at this point. “How about we just talk to Principal Wilson? It’s a bit of a long, unusual story...” The woman nodded, but there was a disturbance when Taylor walked out of the office with the teacher who’d walked in with her. By the look on Taylor’s face-and from the statements from the woman who had dragged her into the office, I assumed she’d just gotten in big trouble. But she didn’t really seem to mind that much. 

“Oh hello, Elizabeth, Jamie...” the principal’s eyes went blank as she spotted me, stepping out of her office. I think it’d take a while for everyone to get used to someone new coming to town. I had to admit, that if I lived in this town, a new girl would be rather fascinating to me. “And you must be Elizabeth’s sister. You didn’t tell me you had a sister!” 

Did we really look that much alike? To be honest, I couldn’t see how we looked alike. Maybe it was our hair-since Jamie had her green eyes. We were about the same height too. But that didn’t really matter, did it? Elizabeth laughed a bit, shaking her head. “I don’t. This is Anna, it’s a bit of a long story...” 


Despite the fact that there were no existing records of who I was or my previous schools, being accepted into Truro High School had been surprisingly easy. By the time everything had been worked out, it was second period. The first class I attended that day was math. However, Jamie was not in my class. It would’ve been nice to at least know one person. As soon as I’d headed off to class, Elizabeth left. Jamie was probably already in science by the time I stepped into the classroom. 

At the front of the classroom there was a middle-aged woman writing on the white-board. Some algebra equation. I had no idea what it was about or how to solve it. Looked like I was behind. Yay! When the door slammed shut behind me, her voice froze. For a long moment, I simply stood there, scanning the classroom. There were neat rows of students. Only one managed to catch my eye though. Taylor Johnson was sitting in the back row. Before I’d been noticed by her, she obviously hadn’t been paying much attention. But when our eyes met, she examined me for a long moment. After looking me over, the corners of her lips turned up to form a large grin. I hoped she wasn’t planning on teasing me. 

“Yes?” the teacher asked, turning to look at me. It seemed everyone was examining me right now. Well I was new, so that was quite understandable. 

It took me a moment to reply-I was lost for a bit. Turning to her, I forced out a smile. “I’m Anna,” I began, handing her a note from the principal. “I’m new to town.” Well I wasn’t sure if I was actually new. I could be the daughter of some family who lived around here. But no one seemed to recognize me, so that theory was unlikely. As I said that I was new, whispers began flaring up around the classroom. ‘There’s a new family!’ ‘I saw her on the news!’ ‘Yeah! They found her in the middle of the ocean!’ I liked the various comments that made me immediately popular. 

I heard she was found by Elizabeth and Connor on their tour boat,” Taylor said with a small smirk, looking around the classroom. Suddenly the whispers transformed into loud voices. It seemed as if Elizabeth and Connor were quite popular around here.

The teacher shot a glare at the students, and a silence fell over the seats. “Well, Anna. Welcome to algebra, you can sit over there,” she told me as she pointed towards an empty desk. I nodded and sat myself down next to some goth girl who was examining her black fingernails. 

For the rest of the class, I tried to pay attention and even began taking some notes. It was so hard to stay focused, Mrs. Jones was just so boring! When the bell finally rang, I hopped up out of my seats. Before leaving, I turned to the girl next to me. “Where’s room one-hundred-seven?” I asked politely with a small smile. She didn’t even respond, she simply pointed in a direction. 

“Crystal!” Taylor’s happy voice sang out as the blonde girl skipped over towards us. “You must introduce me to Anna! You two must be good friends by now!” she insisted, looking at Crystal with a smile. It was obvious they were best friends-Crystal didn’t look like she hated Taylor like she did everyone else. Rolling her eyes a bit, the black-haired girl shook her head. It didn’t make any sense how someone who was named after a diamond could be so gloomy. Seeing that Crystal wouldn’t answer, Taylor took the liberty to introduce herself. “Nice to meet you, Anna! I’m Taylor!” she said in an excited tone as she reached out her hand. 

I shook it with a small smile. For some reason I liked her. “Hi. And you were right earlier, Elizabeth and Connor found me while they were taking a tour boat out touring. So I get to stay with them until I find my family.” 

“I love them! Their son, Jamie, is so amazing! I would like marry him!” Taylor exclaimed. Weren’t most girls embarrassed about that sort of stuff? 

Crystal laughed, shaking her head. It was weird to hear someone who looked so gloomy laugh. The noise made her seem almost human. That was probably rude of me to think. I knew she was human, but I just had trouble accepting it because she was so...different. “If you can settle on one guy. Taylor’s known to switch men often.” Taylor didn’t respond to this, neither did I. I didn’t really know what to say at that point, it was sort of odd. 

We walked out of the classroom together. Taylor paused, grabbing my schedule out of my hand. “You have science next! Jamie’s in that class. So is Travis, I imagine that you’ve met him by now.” She handed me back my schedule and grabbed my arm and began dragging me towards science class. 

Before I knew it, we were standing in a science classroom. The lab stations were in sets so everyone got one partner. Students were filing in, giving me strange looks as they passed by. I didn’t even get a chance to introduce myself to the teacher because Taylor stepped up to her, pulling me along with her. 

“This is Anna! She’s staying with Elizabeth and Connor! Oh and she’s in our class!” Her voice was always so peppy. For some reason I liked it. 

If there was one thing Taylor was, it was beautiful. She was so tantalizing. All of the boys were probably in love with her. This thought made me a bit sad. What if Travis liked her? I twitched a bit at the thought. My eyes narrowed a bit until I spotted him. He stepped into the class with Jamie, talking to him about something. I couldn’t resist wanting to know what their conversation was about. 

When he walked in, my breathing froze. He looked up and saw me. Our eyes met. I could feel the heat rushing to my face. After a moment, he smiled. Quickly, I looked away back to the science teacher who simply nodded, reading over the note from the Mrs. Wilson. 

“Nice to meet you, Anna. I’m Miss Smith, you can sit over there by Will,” she said, pointing towards a boy with a lab station by himself. I nodded, taking a seat as the bell rang. 

Once again, paying attention was as hard as ever. Thankfully, once the bell rung, Taylor and I were walking together in the hallway. People were staring at me. A few waved and said something friendly like ‘hi’ while other girls simply glared at me through jealousy. 

After a moment, I decided to go ahead and ask why Elizabeth and Connor were so popular. The way everyone spoke about them made the couple seem almost godlike. “Why are the Davidsons treated so...amazingly? I mean people talk about them like they’re great. Well they are, but it’s just sort of crazy.” The family was almost perfect-and for some reason I hated when things were perfect because they were just provided for you and there was nothing you had to do to accomplish these things. Yet I loved the Davidson family already, even though I’d barely just met them. 

Taylor smiled, of course the preppy girl was always smiling, so she technically just smiled larger. “Connor’s family owns a water park just outside of town that brings in all of the the tourists, it’s sort of like a sea world type place I guess. He and Elizabeth have apparently been the town’s ‘cutest couple’ since they were in high school. Normally people get all mad at teens for having kids. But people seem to realize that Elizabeth and Connor are just so in love with each other. 

“Elizabeth’s really sweet and all of the girls get along with her well. Connor’s just the fun-to-be-around type of guy. I think people like them because their ‘story’ is almost like something out of a book or a movie and is so romantic.” 

“Story?” I asked, stopping by my locker and pulling some books out as we headed towards my next class. The whole water park think explained why the family was so rich though.

Seeing that she’d be able to tell me something pleasant, Taylor gripped my arm and led me out the door. “You just have P.E. next, so it doesn’t really matter if you ditch with me or not.” The blonde dragged me to the track area where we sat down behind a few bushes so no one would see us. 

“Elizabeth isn’t from Truro. She comes from the rich, stuck-up type family. Everything for her had to be perfectly in order and all. All of her relatives graduated from Harvard or somewhere like that. Her parents have a big business and were always encouraging her to marry some rich guy-I don’t remember his name or anything.

“They were coming on vacation here. When they went to the water park ‘chaperoning’ a date for Elizabeth and this guy, she met Connor while he was feeding the dolphins or something. Apparently it was a whole love at first site kind of deal. They started secretly going out soon after. Before her family left, Elizabeth then ran away then had Jamie. Since then she’s been in Truro. It’s just so romantic, like it’s supposed to be in a movie or a book. 

“Oh and after they both turned eighteen, they got married and ended up their tour boat business. Then Tom and Nathan were born. Nathan’s so cute...Then the rest’s just basically they found you...And Elizabeth hasn’t seen her family since then. I don’t think she really wants to, and I don’t blame her for it!” 

I simply nodded. It was a wonderfully romantic story. The type of thing that made girls sigh once they finished a book. After a moment, I smiled. Maybe Truro High School wasn’t so bad. The classes were boring and completely useless, but the people were very intriguing. I think I’d be able to survive, not to mention have a bit of fun while I was here. 

For the remainder of what should’ve been my P.E. class, we talked about the good restaurants in town, the people in town, the school and who the good teachers were, the water park Connor’s family owned, what everyone did during their free time, and most importantly, the beaches in town. Apparently there were a few. The one I’d come in on was Head of the Meadow Beach, where Sam was the lifeguard.

I enjoyed our chat. One thing I learned from talking to the girl was that when you were with Taylor, it was impossible to get bored. Everything she said or did pulled you into her. To be honest, for some reason I liked it. She reminded me of someone. But who? I had no idea. I tried to pull out a face by looking at her, but nothing came to mind. This was to my disdain. All this time I’d been trying to figure out who I was. And now when something reminded me of something, I had no idea what it was! Life could be so frustrating. 

The rest of the school day was interesting when it wasn’t class time. At the end of the day, Elizabeth drove up in her golden 2009 Honda Element. I hopped into the passenger seat while Jamie and Travis got in the back. “How was the chick’s first day?” Travis asked, leaning towards me and putting his head on the back of my chair. 

“Travis! Her name’s Anna! It’s rude to call girls ‘chicks.’” Elizabeth insisted as she rolled her eyes and took off. 

I hadn’t even noticed Nathan sitting in the middle of the back seat until he leaned in as well, looking up at Travis while he twisted a Rubiks Cube around. “What’s a chick?” he asked the boy with a clueless smile. Elizabeth and I both smiled. He was so adorable! Looking at his light brown hair, I noticed that he was trying to sit tall and be the boys’ height. The boy made me laugh a bit.

“A for a girl...” Travis told Nathan with a small smirk. I simply rolled my eyes at this. Even though he could be so ‘mean’ at times, I still think I was in love with Travis at that moment. Maybe it was his laugh or maybe even his sense of humor. I think I loved him because of the unusual connection I felt between us. Who knew why people fell in love anyway? 

“I had a wonderful first day of school,” I told Travis as I turned back to look at the road. The question of who I met came up and I simply replied that I’d become good friends with Taylor Johnson. When the girl’s name had come out, Jamie’s face had turned hot red. If what Crystal had said about Taylor not being pleased with one person was true, I was hoping that the boy’s heart would not be broken. If it was, I’d probably end up blaming myself for one reason or another. Most likely because I was secretly thinking that the two would make a cute couple. 

Upon arriving the Davidson house, I went up to my room almost automatically and started my homework. Who would’ve ever thought that you could get so much homework on your first day of school? It sort of disappointed me though. The work was hard, I was already behind my class. Although this wasn’t very surprising. For some reason I had the feeling that I wasn’t that great in math. But yet I was strong in the science areas. 

My mind would not stay focused on my work. It kept straying off towards Travis and what he thought of me. Just the simple thought of that he was in the same house made my heart begin to jump.

Then I began wondering about Taylor and if we’d become best friends or not. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we did? Already, I could feel a strong bond between the two of us. It was almost as if we were connected in some strange way, even though we’d just barely met. I think I liked Taylor because of the fact that she was so preppy. The thought of her ever being sad was impossible to picture. Well could you ever picture one of your friends who was always so happy crying? Even just imagining tears coming to her face made me sad. Seeing others in pain apparently didn’t make me very happy. 

One person I couldn’t imagine crying either was Elizabeth. Elizabeth, so sweet and kind. She wasn’t like a mom who was strict and you didn’t think understood anything that you felt. In fact, Elizabeth was already more like a sister to me. This was probably because she was so young. It probably helped that her real son was sixteen, she she’d been around teenagers. One factor that I felt helped was that Jamie had been born when she was only seventeen, so she understood that teenagers were rebellious and all. 

Maybe wherever I’d lived before I hadn’t gotten along with my parents or I’d had a life that I wasn’t very happy with. Truro felt like a place for new beginnings. Here I could restart my life and no one here would know my past. Especially if I’d done something that I was ashamed of. 

Overall, I had a feeling of rebirth and starting new once I went to sleep that night. I could be an entirely new person. Start on a clean slate. I could really be free. Little did I know that the great feeling in my heart about everything here would soon change. 

When my mind was finally asleep, I was disturbed by a dream that felt incredibly real. I had a hard time denying the fact that it was just a dream and began wondering if it was really happening. 

There was an ordinary office room. A man stepped inside the office, shoving a newspaper down on another man’s desk. “What’s this?” the man at the desk asked, removing his feet from next to his computer. 

“What’s this? Some freakin’ girl’s been found in tha ocean near Cape Cod. Her name’s Anna. She’s suffered from amnesia and is staying with a family in Truro, MA until they can find out who she is and who her parents are. That’s this,” the man who’d stepped in replied. He held a cup of coffee in his hands. “What’re ya gonna do about this, Daniel?” The man had a thick New York accent, like something from a T.V. show almost. 

Examining the newspaper article, Daniel frowned. He looked at the picture of me stepping off the boat with a towel wrapped around my body and his eyes grew wide. “Anna...I remember her. You really fancied her. I told you not to be into all of these dangerous girls. She’s got tons of trackers after her. Her parents know she’s been found by a couple of humans?” The man with the coffee simply shook his head. “If you don’t mind me asking, Stan, why were you reading a human newspaper?” 

“Well...I uh er-was wantin’ ta see what these humans were up to. Makin’ sure they weren’t on ta anythin that’s goin’ on.” Daniel just nodded to this, seeing through the lie clearly. “How could ya let ‘is ‘appen? What if she suddenly gets some memry about us and tells everyone? Then what would ya do? Ya couldn’ ignore the humans anymore after ‘at.” 

“I don’t know, Stan. But don’t mention this to anyone, especially her parents. But didn’t that tracker that Alexander sent take care of her? We all thought she was dead!” 

“Yeah, he musta not gotten her. But another’ll be sent to her. It’ll probably reach their beach tomorrow ‘bout noon. Should I keep quiet if somethin’ happens to the girl? He’ll probably be sendin’ one of ‘is sharks. I doubt a monster would work very well wi’ tha humans. Sharks more believable.” 

“Just don’t say anything about this to anyone. We want Alexander to think she is dead! Got it? A war could be starting up over her. She was never supposed to even be born. Her parents don’t even know she’ll probably end up dead at about twenty. It’s probably best if they think she’s dead, that way they won’t get all mad at us.” 

The dream shifted. Suddenly I was looking down at two girls in a bed. They were twins. Dark brown hair, facing each other. Most likely they were probably about fourteen. After a moment, the girl on the left opened up her blue eyes and placed her head on her hand. 

“Are you asleep?” 

“Now I’m not...” the other girl grumbled with a frown. 

“Whatever. What do you think happened to her?” 



“Oh...I have no idea. Mom said to try and forget about her, Kat.” 

“But Mom’s always looking at her picture. How do you think I can forget about her? It’s not like she didn’t do so many things for us. I knew you two were good friends. And Mom’s never going to forget about Anna. We all know that she was favored,” the girl insisted, sitting up. 

Kat groaned, glaring at the other girl. She sat up as well, facing her sister with wide eyes. “Emeline, Anna was one of my best friends. She’ll never fade away from our life. But we both know that she was up to something. The way she was so smart, a black belt. Her life was crazy. So much traveling. Do you really expect us to believe that she was normal? People like that can’t be so amazing and normal. It’s impossible. Don’t tell me you think that she could be like everybody else. 

“I know...But doesn’t it seem weird? Lost at sea? I was watching her the entire time! You’ve seen her swim, she’s excellent! People like that don’t just drown. Anna’s strong, she wouldn’t let something like that happen to her! I refuse to believe that she’d let herself loose to the current. We’re talking about a girl who could beat up a well-armed CIA agent while standing on her hands letting herself drown. You know just as well as I do that she would always swim and scuba dive perfectly. Don’t you think it’s a bit suspicious?” 

Pondering over Emeline’s statement, Kat blinked for a few times and tucked her knees into her legs. It did seem like a rather valid cause. Anna couldn’t be beaten up by anyone. The waves hadn’t been rough that day. And even if they were, the girl would’ve been able to make it back to shore without any problems. 

“You do have a rather valid point there...She is very strong. It is rather odd now that I think about it. What do you think happened?” Emeline asked, grabbing her pillow and gently placing it on her thighs. 

“I think someone did this to her on purpose.” 

“You think someone managed to make our sister go missing in the middle of the ocean? That’s crazy! No one could’ve done that! You couldn’t harm that girl even if she was underwater, she was strongest in the water! Somehow she just connected with it...But who would’ve done such a thing? Anna didn’t have any enemies?

“We don’t really know that for sure. She was always gone. When we once asked Dad why she was always gone, he said it was none of our business. Does that mean she was up to something?” 

“Of course it does! But what?” 

“Maybe she’s a spy! Like James Bond! Wouldn’t that be thrilling? Our own sister! Anna a spy! No wonder she was always training for martial arts in order for ‘self defense.’ Maybe people were always coming after her or something!” 

Emeline sighed. “With all this talk about spies and James Bond, how are we going to sleep?” She muttered something in French. And soon, both of the girls were lying on their bed. “Do you think if someone was always chasing her...That there could be people after us?” 

At the thought of people being after the twins, Kat shivered for a moment. They grabbed each other in a hug silently. “I”m scared now...Did you have to say that?” 

“Yes, Yes I did,” Emeline replied with a small smirk. 

And with that, the two girls were soon fast asleep in each other’s arms. I took note that they’d referred to their parents. Did this possibly mean that they were her sisters? They had to be...Emeline and Kat did resemble her. To top it all off, there was something familiar about the duo. 


“Come on Anna! We’re going to Aqua Land today!” Nathan’s voice shouted as he jumped up and down beside my bed. Who’d let him into my room? It didn’t really matter to me though. The four year old was adorable no matter what he did. No one could get mad at such a cute face. 

Aqua Land...The water park Connor’s family owned. I’d finally be able to go and meet them. Well it had only been a week since I’d gotten here. Sitting up, I nodded towards Nathan. “Okay...I’ll get dressed,” I told him, gently rubbing my eyes. 

“Yay!” the four-year-old shouted before quickly running out of my room. 

I stood up with a small smile, walking over to the door and shutting it. Soon, I walked out in pink Nike shorts with a white Truro t-shirt. My bathing suit was underneath my clothes just in case we went on any of the water rides. I’d been assured that since Connor’s family owned the park, that I might even be able to swim with some of the animals. That was, if I wasn’t frightened. But I’d seen enough of frightening things in the ocean already, so I doubted that I’d be scared of a dolphin after seeing sharks in the wild. In the kitchen, Elizabeth was passing out plates with pancakes on them. “Good morning, Anna,” she told me while she placed a plate in front of an empty seat. 

“Ya ready to meet my family?” Connor asked, taking a bite of his food with a large grin. I simply nodded, not wanting to say anything about meeting families that might make Elizabeth upset.

“We’re gonna see grandma and grandpa! We’re gonna see grandma and grandpa!” Nathan cried out. He was sitting in a chair, hopping up and down in it. The boy placed a piece of syrupy pancake into his mouth happily. Seeing him so joyful made me smile. At that moment I think I would’ve done anything for the little boy. 

Elizabeth smiled at Nathan’s comment, but I could see that she was a bit sad behind the expression. She had ran away from her family, although it was obvious she still loved them. “That’s right!” Nathan smiled, taking another bite of his food. Elizabeth looked at him with a bit of sadness in her eyes, I began wondering why. If there was one thing she was, it was an open book with bold text on it.  I’d make sure to ask her what was wrong later on sometime when we were alone. Whenever there were others around us, she seemed to get more nervous. 

“Let’s get going!” Connor announced. He stepped into the room, wearing a blue t-shirt with the Aqua Land symbol-a great white shark looking strait at you- that read AQUA LAND STAFF on the back.

Thankfully, we took two cars to the theme park. The boys all went in Connor’s car so I was alone with Elizabeth. For the first few moments, we were silently listening to the radio as I gazed out to watch Truro fade away in the distance. For a moment the dream of last night entered my mind. Although I didn’t really feel like thinking about it. The dream frightened me for some reason. The New York accent man, Stan, reminded me of something cruel. 

Placing my feet on the seat and tucking my knees into my arms, I asked Elizabeth, “Why did you look sad when you looked at Nathan?” 

“I didn’t look sad!” she persisted. Elizabeth glanced at me with a small smile. Sometimes I just wanted to scream at her for not keeping her eye on the road. I swear that someday I will get in a car wreck with her for her foolishness. But I could see through her acting-which she wasn’t very good at. There was a falter in her expression after a moment of locking eyes with each other. 

I closed my eyes, placing my head down on my knees. She was persistent, I’d admit that. But I was probably even more persistent than she was. Maybe I’d make a good detective some day. Wouldn’t that be thrilling? I’d want to do something exciting though. Like arresting murders like on T.V. “Elizabeth,” I hesitated. “I already know you very well. Plus, you’re being persistent which obviously means you don’t want me to find something out.” 

She sighed, looking back towards the road. That was a very big relief for me. I opened my eyes and looked at her while wiggling my toes around a bit. “Anna...There’re certain things about the past with Conner and me that you should really know if you’re going to stay with us. You see, my parents don’t even know I’m married,” she began. But I’d already heard this story from Taylor. 

“I know all of the details between you to. Your parents are big business people and wanted you to marry someone ‘suitable’ and all that stuff. So you ran away at sixteen, had Jamie just after turning seventeen, then you and Connor got married.” She stared at me with a look of shock. That was probably something she hadn’t even planned on telling me. “Taylor Johnson told me everything,” I explained. 

She nodded as if that wasn’t very surprising. And knowing Taylor, it probably wasn’t. And everyone in town knew Taylor. “My parents didn’t really pay much attention to me when I was young. When I was a teenager I’d do anything to get them to just look at me. They never attended any of my soccer games. Not even when we fought for the championship...” 

She closed her eyes for a moment, probably close to tears. “Elizabeth! The road!” 

“Oh right! Sorry!” she said, snapping her head up and looking at the street. The pain on her face was still visible. “They wanted me to marry someone and be just like them. I had to be the perfect daughter. Everything changed when I met Connor. From the moment I looked at him, I knew that I was in love with him.”

I was very surprised a mom was so open about this. 

“I told them that I wanted to stay in Truro so I could be with him. They told me I was foolish and said that I should just do what they wanted. After that, it was over. They didn’t even get mad at me for it. I didn’t even think they cared about me at that point. So I did what any normal teenager would do, I ran away. I thought that given their power and fame, that it’d be all over the news. They’d at least speak to me. Even if I’d be in trouble, it’d mean they’d be paying so much attention to me. No news reports. No missing signs. No calls on my cell phone. They’d known I’d ran away. I’d even left a stupid note in my room saying that I was going to be with Connor. I think they at least realized I needed some time to adjust. 

“Connor’s parents are very casual. They were fine with me staying there. They were the parents I’d never had. They were better parents than I had had. Almost a year later, Jamie was born. We didn’t ever tell anyone, but I saw my parents one more time after that. A year after I’d left, and I couldn’t believe my parents had waited so long to get me, they showed up in that annoying white limo.” 

A tear rolled down her cheek at the memories of her past. It hurt me just to hear her say these things. It reminded me how heartless people could really be. “They saw me with Jamie and Connor outside. Just by seeing the way I looked at Jamie, my mother was able to tell that he was mine. 

“I still remember her face. Shock, horror, fear of what would happen to the family name. I think my mother actually cared about me some. Behind her face I could see happiness. That was when I’d realized she’d wanted to take care of me and be there for me all of those years. But she couldn’t. When she finally got the courage to try and reach out to me, I was always at a distance from them, I was mad at her and my father for being so rude to me. I’d rejected her. I learned to always forgive people, or you may never get a chance to really know them. She’d been angry at me, any mother would, but I think she realized that I was really in love. I think she wanted to meet Jamie, be able to be there for him. 

“But my father absolutely hated Connor. All he did was glare at me. Not even a shake of the head or a few disappointed words. I could see my mother about to step towards me, but my father held her back. He just got back in the limo. Then they just drove away. And I haven’t seen my parents since then.

“I love my parents, even after they rejected me. My mother probably wants to meet me again, see Jamie. She probably doesn’t even think that Nathan and Tom exist. I know that she’d want to meet them. She’d probably meet you if she had the chance too. So whenever I look at any of my kids, I just feel sad knowing that my mother doesn’t know them and they don’t know her. You’re the first person I’ve told all this besides Connor. Not even Jamie knows.” 

“You should write your mom a letter or something, see if she’d ever come meet you. She’d probably like it.” Elizabeth smiled at this comment, but I doubted she’d actually write her mother after being rejected for so many years. 

After she finished talking, I was in shock. I had no idea how to respond to that. It was heartbreaking. When she’d spoken to me, it’d been like to a friend or a sister. Not to a daughter. “Do you ever think Travis is your own son?” I wondered if I was asking her too much. But I might be living with her for a while, so I might as well know all of these things. 

At the mention of this, her look of despair vanished. A smile formed on her face. “Yes. He and Jamie have been best friends forever. He’s always over here. His father was murdered, and his mother’s always busy to get enough money to take care of the two of them. So his family’s sort of fallen apart, like mine was. I don’t like it when that happens to kids, since I know how frustrating it is. So I don’t really mind it that much. Travis is just like another son to me. And you seem to really like him.” 

I blushed at her comment. We parked right next to Connor’s car. The boys were crowded around it, waiting for us. “Come on you slowpokes! The parks already open to the public!” Connor shouted with a smile as he headed towards the park gate. I rolled my eyes, but followed everyone into the park with Elizabeth. 

Tagging along slowly, I was thinking about my dreams from last night. Somehow to the simple thought of the two men frightened me. But when I thought of Kat and Emeline, I felt happier. 

It took us about five minutes to reach an office. Connor knocked on the door with a large grin. “Hey! Guess who’s here!” 

“Connor!” a woman in about her mid-fifties exclaimed. She stepped out of her office. The woman had black hair turning gray. She was shorter than me. I wondered if she’d always been like that or if it was just old age. 

A man with whitish blond hair stepped out from behind her. He wasn’t as short as her, about my height. “Connor! You made it here!” 

“Hey, Dad. You haven’t met Anna, have you?”

“No. I haven’t!” the man replied. 

I nodded towards them gently while forcing a smile. The rest of the day went by smoothly. We saw all of the animals and everything. Overall, I enjoyed myself quite a bit. Aqua Land was the place to go. 

The End

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