Dark Water

Just a story I'm working on. Please tell me what you think and all.

((Author's Note: If you don't have the attention span like I do to read all of this, please just tell me what you think of the part you did read. I would love it if someone actually read the entire thing though. It helps for me if you break things up in to sections, take a break, then continue reading.)) 

Chapter One

My First Incident


I couldn’t breath. It was as if there was no air. The only thing that went inside my mouth was water. Salty water. Wait? Doesn’t drinking salt water somehow make you dehydrated? The water was tempting me as it crashed up against my face. I was so thirsty, yet I was in the middle of the ocean. At least I think I was. How could someone be in the middle of a large body of water, yet be thirsty? What I wanted was provided right in front of me. I’d asked for water. And I’d gotten water. However, this water wasn’t good enough because it had salt in it. 

My head reached up as I tried to get some fresh air into my system. Although the amount of air I’d received wasn’t a very good amount. Most of what I’d inhaled had been water. Clinging onto the buoy for dear life, I tried to pull myself up. My trembling arms just weren’t strong enough to manage to pull my body above the water. 

The large waves came crashing down on my face. Over and over and over again. They were so large I couldn’t see much of my surroundings. To be honest, I was slightly glad I couldn’t see how far away from shore I probably really was. The only thing that I could really see was a few feet of water, the buoy, my arms, and the rain pouring down onto my head. Hard rain. 

Dry land had never seemed better. I guess I never really thought about how grateful that humanity should be for things such as scorching hot deserts, which seemed like a paradise to me at the moment. Hot sand. Hot sun. Hot body. The only thing that didn’t seem so appealing about the Sahara was the lack of fresh water. That would be perfect. 

The storm was raging. The winds were rising. The waves were splashing. It was just like a scene out of a movie or a book. Shivering, I let go of the buoy for a quick moment. That was a mistake I’ll regret for my entire life. 

I was pulled under nearly immediately. Underwater. My eyes closed shut, for I was afraid of what was beneath me or what might attack me. My hands reached up towards where I assumed the surface to be. At first, a violent breeze attacked my hands. Reaching forward, I felt something metallic. The buoy! I quickly placed my other hand on the life-saving device and pulled myself upwards. 

As soon as my head reached the surface, I took in a large gulp of air. As soon as I didn’t thing there was that much salt water left in my eyes, I opened them only to find myself in the same position I had been faced with previously. 

What was I supposed to do? Just wait until the storm settled? But that could take hours! And after that, what would become of me? Perhaps I should’ve tried swimming back to shore. But in this weather, that would be nearly impossible. Even a fool could realize that. My best bet was to try and survive the night. At least I thought it was night. The dark clouds blocked all light. I could see no stars, or sun, or indication of time. 

I’d never thought about how precious air was. It was like my savior now. Just breathing a small amount in was like heaven. Nothingness had never seemed so important. How did fish live in this salty disgustingness? It seemed as if the water was taking over me. My hands and feet felt so raisiny that they were all mushy and fragile feeling. 

There had never been anything more frightening than when I saw a fin slowly sticking up from the water. Somehow my mind flared up an image of a girl being attacked in the middle of the water. Jaws. I must’ve seen the film before. Currently I had no memories of my past. The low, annoying theme song began playing in my head. 

As a head lifted up out of the water, my heart began racing. I didn’t dare close my eyes to look at the face of the enemy. But when the head was finally visible, I cooled. A dolphin. False alarm. It swam toward me swiftly and cooly. How could mammals live in this sort of environment? But strangely, the water felt familiar to me. Almost like that feeling you get when you come home after a long vacation. Like I was meant to be here. 

My hands went off the buoy as I gently pet its head. But as I did, my head went under. I wasn’t strong enough to stay above water without the buoy. I panicked, my eyes closed as I went under further. When I sank down further, I could feel the pressure above me. My eyes didn’t dare open. What if I saw something frightening while I was there? Or what if I only saw the fin of the dolphin or something? 

I gulped in, hoping that I’d be like a fish and only take in the oxygen that seemed to be in the water. But no. Only salt water entered my mouth. I was forced to swallow it. After a moment, I dared to open my eyes. I wasn’t happy with what I saw. My head looked up and I saw the top of the ocean. It looked so far away. I’d never be able to make it up. I was going to die here. I knew it. 

But that was when I noticed that the dolphin wasn’t alone. It was with a pod. I saw a few other creatures. Thankfully I didn’t see an orca or anything like that. Even though they’re gentle. They’re big. I was especially glad that I hadn’t open my eyes to find a blue whale in front of me. Especially its weird teeth. The only thing more frightening than that would have been the face of a great white shark. 

I sunk down further. After that I noted that I seemed to be extremely good at holding my breath. If it hadn’t been for the fact that I was underwater, I would’ve gulped in a large amount of air. It had taken me a few moments, but I’d decided to go ahead and look below me. As I turned my head down, the only thing that was there was sand. It didn’t seem that far off. But when my head spun around to look behind me, I wasn’t pleased with my decision. Sharks. 

Many different species swimming across the bottom of the ocean. I panicked at that moment. But yet I was obsessed with staring at them. They were fascinating and perfect in every single way. It was if I almost wanted to be one myself. Which was rather odd since I was afraid of them at the same time. 

Then my heart seemed to panic. I needed air. Now! I moved around as if searching for some. I felt a bit stupid after that. Yeah! I was gonna find air underwater! My eyes closed and I felt myself falling. Drowning. 

Something pushed me up and I felt myself going towards the surface. Soon my head was above water and I was breathing in heaps of air. It felt so precious to me. I saw about three dolphins underneath me. They must’ve pushed me up. Clinging onto one of them I found myself away from the buoy. I didn’t know how far away I was from it since the waves were crashing everywhere.

I seemed to drift off into nowhere for what seemed like an hour. Where was I know? Closer to shore? The hope raised my spirits as I felt the rain pouring down onto my head. I could only wish for something great to happen. I don’t know if I was crying by that point of if it was just the rain and all of the splashing. Who could tell? But I felt scared, still holding onto the dolphins. They were there for me. Like friends almost. 

“I’m...Gonna die...” I muttered to myself. There was a sudden urge inside me to go back down underneath the water. The simple idea of just seeing the miraculous sight once again gave me the amount of energy to go back down under the water. I know, it sounds crazy. But yet I did it. This sight wasn’t the same. It was empty. No sharks at the bottom. 

However when I spun around, I screamed. Not only one, but two gigantic whales. The type you see that are going slowly and huge. They frightened me at first. But as I looked into their eyes, they looked so gentle and peaceful. Almost...hurt and innocent. It was like looking into their soul. By looking into their eyes I felt like I knew their entire history of fights and hart times. It made me cry...At least I think it did. 

These creatures no longer frightened me. They were like old friends. I longed to run my hand across their skin, to feel the scars. But I didn’t. Then the larger one opened its mouth. It was  full of baleen, those weird teeth-like things. I had no idea what types of whales they were, and I didn’t really care. I was just glad to say I’d seen them. 

My heart panicked again and I was falling. But once again, the handy-dandy dolphins pushed me up. I began to feel they were fed up with me. Although I loved them still. We hung around the top of the water but then I spotted something familiar. The buoy. I began kicking my way over there. Seeming to read my minds and know that I was so weak, the dolphins swam me over to there. 

After what seemed like hours, they swam away happily after the rest of the pod returned. I’d had an exotic adventure that would’ve taken some people years to see. I was beat and hung back onto the buoy as I breathed deeply. This strange place still felt like home.

That was when I saw it. It was coming towards me. This thing had to be the largest thing I’d ever seen in my entire life! Well, it seemed that way at the moment. The wave came crashing towards me, knocking me onto the water on my back. I wasn’t sure what all happened next. What I think happened was this: the buoy tipped over and hit my head. It was the only reasonable explanation to everything. 



My bloodshot eyes flittered open only to find a girl hanging onto a buoy in the middle of a wide range of water. Me. Arms wrapped around a black buoy floating around. It had probably drifted away from a beach. But that had to mean that there was a shore close by. So a boat would probably be coming sometime. Maybe even a search party. 

How had I gotten here? What had happened? I didn’t know any answers to the questions that were beginning to form in my mind. I was soaking wet. Why was that? ‘Cause I was in the middle of the ocean, dummy. It wasn’t too long before I realized I had juts insulted myself.

The sky seemed to have cleared a lot from last night, if that had been a night at all. No pounding waves. No dark clouds. No strong winds. Overall, it was pretty peaceful actually. If it wasn’t for the fact that I was lost and extremely confused, I would have probably enjoyed the setting. 

To my pleasure, but also my disdain in a few ways, the peace was disturbed. At first I had thought it was a boat, which made me happy. But then I began to wonder whether it was a boat or something that was dangerous. A shark or something perhaps. Although sharks didn’t frighten me for some reason. The disturbance seemed to be behind me. 

I quickly moved my arms in the water to make me turn around, this task was harder than it looked. (At that point in time, I was incredibly weak.) Squinting, my eyes managed to see what appeared to be a boat in the distance! I would be rescued! That is, if I was really lost. My opinion on whether I was lost or ‘at home’ in the water still aren’t clear.

Taking in a large gulp of air, I let out a loud, petrifying cry. “Help! Help me!” These were the only words that had come to mind. Given the situation, I wasn’t really thinking about what to do. My mind was confused, and damaged in a way. It appeared as if my shouts wouldn’t help. The boat was going in the wrong direction anyway. 

“Help!” I cried out louder this time in hopes to make the boat change course. And it did. This time, the large vehicle made a sharp turn. Before I knew it, there was a side of a boat near me. It appeared to be a tourist boat. A few people reached their arms down to grab me. Reaching my right hands out, I grabbed a man’s arms. He pulled me over the side of the boat onto the deck. 

I collapsed right there onto all fours, coughing and spitting out salty water. A crowd had formed behind me. Then, I threw up. It was probably from so much intake of the ocean water. What if that stuff had ocean pollution in it? I tried to shake the thought off of my mind, but this was a failed attempt. 

The solid form of the boat was like heaven. Finally, something besides a rocking object I could hold onto! I needed water for two reasons. First: So I wouldn’t be dehydrated. Second: So I could rinse the vomit out of my mouth. I felt dizzy as soon as I felt myself on the surface and found myself nearly throwing up.

Someone in the crowd seemed to know my wish. An unopened water bottle was tossed to me. It took a bit of an effort, but I managed to unscrew the top and pour the water into my mouth. I rinsed it through my mouth and spit it out a few times. Since I had nowhere else to spit, I just spit on the dock.

That’s when the crowd began asking various questions. “Who are you?” “Where are you from?” “What were you doing out in the middle of the ocean?” I didn’t answer them. No. I couldn’t answer them. No answer came to mind as I sat up on my knees, pouring water into my mouth and drinking it like it would never run out. Finally, the whole bottle had been devoured. 

“What’s going on?” a voice asked from above. I turned over to see a woman in about her mid-twenties running down the stairs. As soon as she saw me, she froze. After a moment, she seemed to get over her shock. “Oh my gosh! Someone clean this up!” she ordered to a group of people (the crew). Her attention suddenly turned back to me as she lifted me up. It was obvious I wasn’t able to stand up by my own strength, so she let me lean on her. “What happened?”

“...I don’t know...” I had no idea what to say or how to say it. 

“Who are you?” she asked me, sitting me down in a chair. The crew began cleaning up the mess I’d made as the crowd of people surrounded me. 

I blinked a few times, but then looked down at the dock. “I...don’t know,” I replied, looking around at all the blank faces. 

“Amnesia!” one man cried out. A few murmurs of agreement fired up. Others simply nodded and looked around at the others faces. “She probably hit her head on that buoy! I heard there was a storm last night!” the save voice shouted. Murmurs and nods came again. 

Turning to the crew, she began instructing them. “Johnny, go tell Connor to start heading towards the shore immediately! Sam, go get this girl some food! Emily, get a few towels and some of my clothes!” The crew members nodded and headed off in separate directions. 

That was when I realized how bad I probably looked. I was in a blue bikini with messy hair and bruised arms. If I didn’t know any better, I would’ve thought I looked like an abused child who’d been drowned. 

A few minutes later, a man who looked about thirty came running down from the top deck. “Elizabeth! What happened?” he asked, rushing towards us. He had ruffly reddish-brown hair and green eyes. The man wore an open black button-up tee with blue jeans. No shoes. 

The same woman who’d instructed the crew looked up. So her name was Elizabeth. Elizabeth had straight brown hair tied up in a pony tail and green eyes as well. She wore a white v-neck tee with pink Nike shorts. Like the man, she was barefoot. Did anyone on this boat have shoes? At a first glance she looked more like a teenager. But after looking at her for a bit, she looked around twenty-three or so. 

A face of shock quickly formed on her face as he ran down. “Connor! Who’s driving the boat?” So this was Connor. They must’ve both worked on the boat. She placed her hands on her hips, glaring at him for a moment. 

“I put Johnny in charge of it. Don’t worry. Who’s she? I don’t remember her coming on board,” he replied casually, taking a few steps towards me. “She one of Jamie’s friends? I know most of the teenagers around here...” he added calmly, looking down at me. 

“I dunno. She was hanging onto a buoy out in the middle of nowhere. I think she’s got amnesia,” Elizabeth replied cooly. The two shared a glance for a moment. For some reason I felt like an object that they’d just found. Something to be observed. I didn’t like it.

Shuffling my feet around for a moment, I looked down at the ground. “I think I hit my head on the buoy. All I remember is a big wave and a storm...” I managed to mutter. “I don’t remember my name or anything...” I added. 

“Your name’s Anna,” Connor said flatly. 

“Connor! You can’t just name girls who you’ve found in the ocean!” Elizabeth looked as if she could nearly slap Connor at that moment. 

“But it is her name!” 

“And how do you know that?”

“It’s on her bathing suit!” Connor exclaimed, pointing to the back of my bikini top. 

Realizing that Connor had been right, Elizabeth blushed and looked down at the bathing suit. “Oh...Do you remember your parents or anything like that?” she asked me, quickly getting over the fact that she’d been wrong. 

“No...I just know that I speak French. And I have no idea why or how I only remember that. Why can’t I remember something more useful than that?” I asked myself, rolling my light blue eyes. 

Elizabeth laughed a bit at my memory. “Well, you’re welcome to stay with us until we can find out who your parents really are-If we can. There’s always the possibility you were in a boating accident and they drowned.” 

Smirking, Connor sat himself down on the table and placed his hands on the edge of it. “Here’s a translation for ya, Anna: Elizabeth gets to mommy you and dress ya up. She always wanted a girl,” he told me. He seemed like he was teasing, but I couldn’t really tell. Connor seemed like a playful guy, so I went ahead and assumed that he was just joking around. 

“I am not going to ‘mommy’ her, Connor! She’s probably about sixteen, she doesn’t need to be bossed around all the time,” Elizabeth stated with a roll in her eyes. Soon, a redheaded girl entered and handed Elizabeth some towels and clothes. “Thanks, Emily,” she told the girl. Turning back towards me, she placed them in my lap and pointed towards a small room. “Dry yourself off and put some clothes on. We’ll head towards shore quickly.”

Standing up and clutching the items, I nodded. “Mmkay,” I replied, walking into the cramped room that clearly wasn’t designed for changing. There was barely any space to change. Although it was a boat bathroom. So that could be expected. I changed into an average pair of clothes. 

Changing in a cramped bathroom was harder than it looked. I had to hop around a bit to be able to get the shorts on. But it was better than a bikini. After a moment, I stepped out of the restroom in a white V-neck tee shirt with black and pink Nike shorts. No shoes. My feet were obviously too big to fit inside any of Elizabeth’s shoes. 

From the edge of the boat I could see the beach shore. It looked like an average, somewhat crowded beach. As we slowly approached, I could see the lifeguard chair already. “We aren’t headed to the beach we normally go to, this one’s closest. So there’ll probably be a scene,” Connor said, leaning over the rail of the boat. The people seemed pretty calm after finding a girl stranding in the middle of the ocean. How do you not react to that? Maybe they were used to it. But I highly doubted they’d found tons of girls hanging onto buoys in the middle of nowhere. 

“What’s the deal, Connor! I’ve told you not to bring your boat in here! We’ve got people swimming at the beach! Go to the harbor!” A college-aged guy in a lifeguard swimsuit shouted to the boat from the dock. 

“We found a girl and brought her back!” Connor yelled back. 

“What do you mean ‘you found a girl.’ You were in the middle of the ocean!” 

“Yeah! That’s where we found her!” 

“Come on, seriously?” 

“I’m tellin’ the truth. She was hanging onto a buoy!” 

“How old is she?” 

“She looks ‘bout sixteen!” 

The blond spiky-haired lifeguard ran over to the edge of the dock as the boat stopped. Once he saw me, he froze. “You were telling the truth. I haven’t seen her around. She speak English?” he asked, rubbing the back of his hair with a small smile. He was muscular, and pretty big. 

I frowned. Did I speak English? Couldn’t he ask something like ‘is she okay’ to at least act concerned? “Yes, I speak English! And French...At least I think I do...” 

“Well, who are you?” he asked as I stepped off the boat in front of him. 

The fact that I knew I spoke French still confused me about how I didn’t even know where I was from or who I was. Simply shrugging I looked down at the dock through embarrassment. Although I probably didn’t have any reason to be embarrassed. “What are you gonna do with her?” the guard asked as if I was an animal. 

My eyes widened. “I’m right here! Don’t talk about me like I’m a dog or something!” I yelled at him, nearly wanting to smack him. And I nearly did. But as I lifted my hand up, Elizabeth grabbed it. 

“Anna! He didn’t mean it. Sam never thinks through what he says.” Sam sniffed at her comment, crossing his arms. “We’re taking her to the hospital to make sure she’s alright. Come on,” she told me, gesturing for me to follow her to through the crowd that had formed along the beach. 

The lifeguard spun around to look at the boat as Connor rushed back on. “Now get your boat out of here!” he shouted. 

“Yeah yeah yeah...” I could hear Connor reply as he ran up the stairs to the top layer of the boat. 

Elizabeth turned to Sam and placed her hand on my shoulder. “So where should we take her? The hospital?” she asked. I guess if I was her I wouldn’t know where to take some girl I’d found in the middle of the ocean. For a moment she looked down towards the beach to see a group of kids skateboarding on the sand. “Travis Williams!” she shouted at a boy she seemed to know. A teenage boy doing some trick looked up at her. “Get to school! Now!” she insisted. The group of boys groaned, turning off and yelling things such as ‘fine’ at Elizabeth. 

Glancing over towards the group of boys, Sam ignored it for a moment. “I dunno...The hospital probably,” he said once I began coughing a bit. The salt water seemed to be hitting me. I fell down on the ground, seeming to choke on my air. It was a bit weird I did that after he said to take me to the hospital. 

After that, I began having a fit on the ground as I threw up again. It was like I was having a seizure or something. Maybe it was just being on dry land. “Call 911! She’s probably reacting to the salt water!” someone shouted. It seemed pretty accurate to me. So I didn’t hesitate when Elizabeth pulled out a phone and called someone.


“So you were in the middle of the ocean? You have no idea who you are or how you got there?” the doctor tapped his pen against the clipboard with unbelief. I simply nodded, feeling the oxygen tubes running through my nose. “Odd...Did you get hit by something?” It was obvious I was straining to remember everything. “Don’t hurt yourself...” he said calmly, seeing my trouble. 

It took me a moment, but I was finally able to respond. “Yes. I think I was thrashed around by a wave and hit my head on the buoy...” 

“Were there any moments where you were running out of air or possibly drowning? Maybe frightened by something?”

The memories made me laugh a bit. “Yeah...I turned around and there was there were these giant whales behind me...It was amazingly crazy. I nearly drowned twice, but I ended up being saved by dolphins. I feel like a fish out of water!” I said with a small laugh. 

The doctor smiled with a nod. “Well then. Tomorrow you’re good to go! The legal stuff and all is a bit confusing so we’ve decided to send you home with Elizabeth and Connor. Don’t do anything really dangerous or you’ll strain yourself. Doing physical activities and going to school will be alright. Just make sure you get some rest,” he told me as he walked out the door. 

As soon as it opened, I could hear reporters screaming things. My story had been broadcasted all over the U.S. by now apparently. One day ago after waking up in a storm, I’d thought I would die and be forgotten. Now I was practically famous. 

Elizabeth glanced towards the door for a moment but then looked back to me. I sat up and looked at her for a long moment. “Where am I?” I’d been wanting this question answered for a long time. But no answer had ever come. Partially because I had been having air pumped into my system half the day. 

“Truro, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. My husband, Connor, and I were on our whale watching boat when we found you,” she replied. 

“Who am I?” I asked as if she’d know the answer. She shrugged. I nodded with a sigh, looking down at the ground. My head hurt from all the thinking about who I was and such. After a moment I figured she knew nothing about who I was or what had happened. 


“Here it is!” Elizabeth exclaimed as we stepped into a modern two-story house. It was all black, white, light brown and glass. My mouth hung open for a moment as I looked around. This looked like something for a movie. I stepped in to see a bedroom to the right and a living room area to the left. As I stepped forward, there was the kitchen with a small table and a family room with stairs. 

“Your room, is upstairs next to Jamie’s. He’s one of my sons. Same age as you, assuming that you are sixteen,” she said with a small smile. She had a son that was seventeen? But she looked about twenty-four or something like that. 

“Aren’t you like twenty-five?” I asked, my eyes widening. 

She blushed and laughed a bit. “I’m thirty-three actually.” Thirty-three? Was she serious? That had to mean her son was born when she was...seventeen! I decided not to question this, figuring I’d be told everything later. 

After a moment, the door was burst open and five people came rushing in. One was Connor. Two of them were guys about my age, one of them from the beach. Travis, I remember Elizabeth yelling at him. The other boy was about three or four. The other boy was about twelve or so. The four year old came running in with a smile. “Mommy!” he shouted as he hugged Elizabeth’s leg. 

She picked him up with a smile. “Nathan!” she said, setting him down after a moment. He quickly looked at me with a surprised look on his face. “Who’s she?” 

“Hey! Who’s the hot chick?” Travis asked, throwing a backpack on the ground. 

“Excuse me?” I asked, looking at him with wide eyes. 

“Who is she?” the other boy about my age asked. I assumed he was Jamie, because he looked a lot like Elizabeth. The twelve year old and Nathan looked like Connor, so I assumed that Elizabeth had all sons. 

“I’m hungry!” Soon all the boys, excluding Connor, were firing questions at me and asking me all sorts of things. 

Groaning, Connor shouted at the top of his lungs, “Shut up already!” He sighed and rolled his eyes. 

Elizabeth placed her hands on the back of my shoulders and smiled. “This is Anna. She’s the girl who’s all over the news about being found in the middle of the ocean. She’s had amnesia, and won’t be able to answer any of your questions. Since Connor and I found her, she’s going to be staying with us until we can find out who she is.” 

The boys’ eyes went wide. Nathan looked at me for a moment. “Will you be my sister?” he asked with a smile, hugging me now. I looked into his chocolate eyes and blinked a few times.  He was so innocent and cute. 

Saying no had never even crossed my mind. “Sure!” I replied. 

“Yay!” the boy shouted, then let go of me and ran up the stairs singing a little song about his new sister. 

“That’s Nathan. And this is Thomas, or Tom,” Connor said as he pointed to the twelve-year-old. The blond boy waved, not really paying attention to me as he grabbed a chocolate bar from the counter and took off upstairs as well. “This is Jamie and his friend Travis.”

Jamie simply smiled and waved. I could tell he was a bit shy. Although Travis leaned on the counter and examined me for a moment. “She going to our school?” he asked casually. Elizabeth simply nodded. He had bleached ruffly hair and hazel eyes. The boy wore a black tee shirt and blue jeans. Travis simply smiled and went up the stairs with Jamie. “See ya later, Anna!” he called out as they reached the top. There was something I liked about him. Something special. I was even beginning to start calling it a crush. 

After a moment of awkward silence, Elizabeth stepped into the kitchen and pulled out a few things. “You hungry? I’m gonna start making dinner. You’ve had barely anything to eat for the past few days, so you’re probably starving. Do you like pasta?” she asked, looking up at me as she started boiling a pot of water. 

I shrugged, not knowing what sort of things I enjoyed. “I have no idea...As long as it’s not incredibly salty, I’ll take it,” I replied with a smirk, taking a seat at the counter. After spending who-knows-how-many hours in the ocean, anything besides salt sounded good. Elizabeth laughed a bit with a nod. 

Dinner was good, but awkwardly quiet in the family. “So...What happens if I can’t find my family?” I asked, finally asking the question everyone had been wanting an answer to. I liked the Davidson family. My mind began to wonder what it’d be like if another family had found me instead. 

Connor cleared his throat and decided to answer my question first. “Elizabeth and I have gotten legal permission to be your guardians until we can find out who you really are. So you’re sort of stuck with us.” 

“I feel so sorry for you!” Travis told me with a laugh. All he received as a reply was glares from everyone besides me. After a moment, Tom chuckled for a moment. Not really knowing what was going on, Nathan began giggling like a little kid should. Jamie didn’t do anything besides silently eat his pasta though. That was when a cell phone rang. I assumed it was either Jamie’s or Travis’s though, because it was playing Right Round by Flo Rida. 

My theory was soon proved correct when Travis pulled out a Blackberry and lifted it up to his ear. The music stopped as he spoke. “Hello?...Alright, fine. I’ll be home in a minute. Nah I’ll skateboard over.” he hung up shoving the electronic device into his pocket and hopping up. Kicking a red flamed skateboard up from the ground, Travis jumped onto it and began riding out of the house casually. “See ya! My mom wants me home!” he shouted as he slammed the door behind him when he left. 

“Alright!” Elizabeth yelled back. I could tell this was regular with the Davidsons. So far, they seemed pretty cool. At least they weren’t complete freaks. Although I was sort of disappointed I didn’t have a sister. Elizabeth already felt like my sister though. That was sort of weird, considering she was supposed to be like my mother. 

She stood up, looking down at me with a sweet smile. “So, Anna. How ‘bout I show you the guest room. It’ll be your bedroom now.” I simply nodded, standing up and following her up the stairs. There was a couch by the edge of the rail, looking down towards the bottom floor. Other than that, there was an area where you step down to a few black couches and a plasma flat screen T.V. hanging down from the ceiling with a few game systems. 

Stepping to the right and to the first door, I found my room. A small Asian room that was perfectly clean. I stepped inside and looked around. It was perfectly amazing! My smile showed Elizabeth that I loved it. “I’m glad you like it. You’ll start school next week with Jamie,” she told me, leaning against the edge of the door. 

“Yay...” I muttered sarcastically with a frown. Meeting new friends sounded fun and all. Well I guess ‘new’ wasn’t exactly the right word since I didn’t really have any ‘old’ friends at this point. But actually...learning and stuff seemed so boring. “What grade will I go in?” I asked. 

“Most likely a sophomore. Jamie’s the same age, so that’ll work out fine. He can introduce you to some people. You’ve already met Travis. Although his friends are all skaters...” she told me with a sweet smile. Elizabeth gestured for me to follow her as we walked back down the stairs and made our way down to the right only to find the master bedroom. 

She walked over to a dresser and pulled out a few things and handed them to me. “We’ll go shopping tomorrow, for now you can just wear some of my clothes.” 

I simply nodded. “Thanks,” I told her with a sweet smile and walking out of the room and making my way up the stairs to what was now my room. Or was for now at least. Elizabeth already felt like my sister. It was probably because she was so much younger than a mother of a teenager should be. At least she wasn’t one of those freak tofu-loving moms who was a clean freak and tried to make sure that you didn’t do anything dangerous or exciting. She was calm and kind. 

Connor was already labeled as an outgoing, jokester type who could be serious and protective at times though. The go-out-and-play-football type of dad. He probably liked having all sons. (I was not yet including myself as their daughter.) But I could also already tell that if I was ever to be counted as his child, that he’d be the over-protective type and probably wouldn’t like any of my boyfriends. 

So far Nathan was the cute little innocent boy who loved. Even though he was a little boy, I’d figured out by now that he was the smart, puzzle-solving type of little kid. Tom was the sneaky type who enjoyed getting in trouble all the time. Well I bet he probably didn’t enjoy getting in trouble. Most likely he only enjoyed doing the crimes that could get him in trouble. They resembled their father a lot. If I knew any better, I wouldn’t even know that that Elizabeth was their mother. 

Jamie was the shy and calm type. The poetic, romantic type. I wondered if he drew pictures of girls he liked. At least he was modest. He’d even blushed when Travis had called me a ‘babe.’ That was probably a habit of his. Overall, he seemed like a pretty cool guy to me. A good brother who’d want to get his sister and not play tons of nasty jokes on her all of the time. 

At the simple thought of Travis, my heart began to beat faster. Who cared if he was a bad boy? That wasn’t what I liked about him. The thing that compelled me to him was most likely the way he’d complimented me. That he was willing to take any risks. That he wasn’t afraid of getting in trouble. That he would be willing to risk everything for something he believed in. I guessed those were the traits that we shared. Little did I know these traits would lead me to making the biggest mistakes of my life. 

Travis Williams, I remembered Elizabeth shouting his full name. His name made me sigh as I stepped into my room. He was so amazing to me and I’d only just met him! When I looked at his face there was something vaguely familiar about it. As if he reminded me of someone almost. Maybe it was his eyes. Whenever I looked into them, it was like I was looking into the eyes of a long-lost friend. There was some way he looked at me that made me feel as if I was melting. Maybe it was his golden curly hair. Whenever I saw them, it reminded me of the golden rays of the sun touching the horizon. Maybe it was his smile. His perfect, amazing smile. Nothing could compare to it. The way he smiled at me was so sweet and loving. It took all of my air away. Earlier, I’d nearly died when my air had been taken away. But now it was a wonderful feeling that made me feel so alive. 

Was I falling in love? Had I ever fallen in love? Nearly everyone probably claimed to have fallen in love a few times. But how many people ever really fell in love? Really fall in love. I began wondering if that had ever happened to me. True love. That was what it was called. When two people were meant to be together. Created for each other. 

Although I’d already witnessed true love already in my day of ‘living.’ Elizabeth and Connor. When they looked at each other, there was something in their eyes. I could see their hearts smiling when their eyes met. It was so perfect. Did they even realize what they had?

Were Travis and I like that? Whenever I saw him, my heart fluttered. There was no one greater than him in my eyes. Was it so apparent to everyone else how I felt about him? Even though there was no one in my room, I blushed at the thought of my feelings being revealed to everyone. I’d already made up my mind. I loved him. But was I really in love with him? But what was really the difference? People always acted as if there was some big deal about the word  ‘in’ being placed in the phrase. But it didn’t really seem that different to me. 

But when you think you’re in love, the same question is always wandering through your mind. Does that one special person share those feelings for you? People do crazy things to get the answer for this question. Most of the time you didn’t even have the courage to talk to them yourself! You had a friend help you instead. Would I become this shallow? Most likely I would. 

There was a pain that shot through my heart as the possibility that Travis was already taken or didn’t have the same feelings for me entered my head. It was the worst feeling I’d ever experienced. Actually, I take that back. Considering all I remembered going through the past few days, I’d probably just been through a whole lot worse. Which sounded worse? Being stranded in the middle of a storm opposed to the feelings a guy had for me? I had my vote on the first one. 

Flopping down on my new bed, I placed my hands beneath my neck as I looked up at the ceiling. Nothing could compare to the feeling there was in my heart about what I was thinking of Travis at the moment. Although that could probably be true for a number of guys I’d met in my entire lifetime. What was next? Scribbling his name across pieces of paper during class? I was actually betting that that would be happening sometime. 

I decided to move on from Travis and to who my friends would be. What were they like? Kind and sweet? Or mean and evil? The thoughts of a cliche school where a queen popular bee ruled entered my mind. I cringed at the thought. Especially if Travis was the perfect guy that she eventually ended up with. Or was already with. Unless I was that girl who would become Travis’s girlfriend at the end, I was fine with with that scenario. 

The beach. How often would I go there? I hoped that I wold commonly visit, considering it felt so wonderful when I’d been in the water. Despite the fact that I was drowning and nearly being killed. Oh yeah! Did I mention it was in the middle of the storm? So minus all of the horrible things that had been going on, I loved the ocean so far! There was a pool at the house though, so I might not be going to the beach that often. 

When I stood up and walked over to the window, I saw a setting sun. There wasn’t a house particularly close. All that was visible out of the window was a sandy road in the background. The house wasn’t exactly in the middle of town or on a street or anything like that. It was by the beach, away from all the excitement. There were a few houses a fair bit away from the house though. But on the drive up here I’d noted that there was a beach nearby. It was probably close enough to walk to from here. So I had a feeling that visits would be fairly common with our family. 

I turned around and stepped out of my room into the loft area. Looking around, I noticed that I couldn’t get much of a view of the sunset from up here. So I rushed down the stairs, glancing at the abandoned dinner table as I pulled open the door and walked out near the pool. It was clear and in a black tiled area. The pool was perfect-like everything else in this world was. 

Stepping over to the edge of the tiled area, I leaned over the railing and looked over to the water where the last rays of sun were touching the horizon. It had to be the most romantic, beautiful thing I’d ever seen. Like in those movies. This would be that moment where the guy and the girl end up kissing each other and then the movie fades to black and plays some happy song. 

However, that wasn’t the case here. I closed my eyes for a moment but walked down the stairs onto the sandy beach, sliding my flip flops off. The sand shifted through my toes as I walked along the terrain. After a long moment, I reached the edge of the water and sat down, letting the tide rub against the edge of my feet. The moment was absolutely wonderful. Nothing could ever replace it. 

My eyes scanned across the ocean like a surveillance system, looking for everything that was visible. The possibilities of what I would be able to see in that sea were unlimited, I probably knew that better than anyone. I’d already seen things like whales and sharks in their natural habitat. These things might seem frightening at first, but after letting the moments sink into your mind, they seem so far off and amazing. I guess nearly anything in the past faded away like that though. I guess all memories eventually faded to that form eventually. Even if they were horrible memories. 

As the warm water washed up against the tips of my feet, a tingling feeling was shot up my spine. It was a good feeling. For some reason it told me that this was real. That this wasn’t all a horribly beautiful dream. I didn’t know how something horrifying could be so precious at the same time. It was probably because it was all so exotic. An adventure. Everyone wanted something exciting to happen. For some reason I could tell that I’d always dreamt of something that would be fun. Something that would make up my entire life. Now I was finally getting that chance. I would finally have something to tell everyone. Something that you could never forget. I would really get to live.

I wanted nothing more than to find out who I was. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to find out who you really were. People are always so sure of themselves, thinking they know themselves. They know who their family members are and everything. I didn’t. But do they really know what they’re intended to do in life? Why they were created? I’d been handed with a perfect chance to find out who Anna really was. This would be like doing a biography report. Finding out everything about someone who I didn’t know. 

My eyelids grew heavy. They were nearly closing as I fell over onto my side, my head hitting the soft, dry sand. My body was too heavy to lift back up. So I did what anyone would. Who cared if I was on the beach? I fell asleep right there on the sand. I wondered what someone would think if they went out for a midnight sun and saw a girl sleeping right by the ocean. I guess I couldn’t fall asleep anywhere other than the ocean 

When my eyes opened, the first thing I noticed that my clothes were heavy. I was wet. Sitting up, I looked down at my body. Had I seriously just fallen asleep on the beach!? The tide had probably come in and gotten me all wet. I stood up and looked out on the horizon. 

Sunrise and sunset. They were both equally beautiful. And bright. What time was it here? I yawned, turning around and going back up to the house. But I heard voices so I ducked down by the hill and listened into the people talking. 

“Do you really think that you’ll be able to have Anna as your daughter?” Connor’s voice asked from the pool area. 

“Try being optimistic for once,” Elizabeth replied calmly. 

“I am optimistic!” 

“Normally, yes you are. We’re just letting her stay here until we can find her family. And if we can’t, we’ll be her guardians. It’s simple.” 

Alright. But don’t think that you’ll be able to keep her here forever.” 

“Don’t talk about her like she’s some puppy we found in the middle of the streets! What do you think would happen if she woke up and came down here and heard us?” 

“It’s a Saturday! No one wakes up this early on the weekend.” 

We did,” she stated out as if it was obvious. 

I began feeling that Connor was talking about me like he wanted me to leave. Did he really just think I was an annoying little girl? Frowning, I crept down further in case they could see me. My eyes shut as I listened in closely, making sure that every word was audible. 

That was when something crawled across my bare foot. I looked down, and I didn’t like what I saw. My eyes widened, looking down at the roach across my toes. “Aah!” A high-pitched scream escaped my mouth as I jumped up. The bug quickly crawled off me. I turned to see Elizabeth and Connor sitting in the hot tub holding glasses of wine. They were staring at me awkwardly, obviously embarrassed that I’d heard nearly all of their conversation. 

“I-I-I’m sorry...I fell asleep on the beach and was going inside...” I apologized, picking up my flip flops that were by the tiled floor. 

The couple could obviously already see the disappointment in my face. Although we didn’t discuss the topics of discussion at first. They simply nodded. There was a moment of awkward silence between us as I looked away, slightly embarrassed. 

“Look, Anna. Don’t take what I said personally. It’s just...Elizabeth always wanted a daughter and then we find you while we’re on our tour boat,” Connor told me. That was the first time I ever saw him frown. I didn’t really enjoy it when he frowned, but I just had to deal with the expression. It wasn’t as if I could do anything about it anyway. 

I simply nodded, not wanting to discuss the subject any further yet. “It’s alright...” I muttered, looking away from them with an emotionless face. “I understand. Uh, bye.” With that, I walked across the patio and into the house. 

Tom was sitting on the couch reading a book. As I passed by, he looked up at me. “What happened to you?” he asked somewhat rudely as he picked up a scoop of Lucky Charms and shoved it into his mouth. 

“Nothing...” I replied half-heartedly as I rushed up the stairs. 

As I was running up, Nathan was running down. “Why are you all wet?” the boy asked me as he wiped sleep away from his eyes with a curious look in his eyes. 

“Fell asleep on the beach,” I explained. Was that so weird? Actually now that I thought about it, that probably was sort of strange. Maybe I just wasn’t used to beach life. But it felt familiar somehow. Perhaps I’d lived on the beach before I’d had amnesia. Or maybe I was just born in the middle of the ocean and suddenly learned French! That seemed perfectly reasonable. For some reason I didn’t feel like speaking English anymore. French must’ve been my native language or something, because I sometimes had some trouble understanding what everyone was saying. 

When I’d reached the top of the stairs, Jamie was exiting his room in a pair of boxers. He blushed when he saw me. He’d probably forgot there was a stranger in the house and was used to walking around the house in his underwear. The house had been all guys, excluding Elizabeth, so that was probably the case. “Why are you all wet?” 

“Sensation en sommeil sur la plage,” I replied, automatically speaking in French. He raised his eyebrows at me, obviously not knowing what I’d just said. “Fell asleep on the beach,” I translated as I walked by. At that he simply nodded and walked on down the stairs. 

As soon as I’d gotten into my room, I took a hot shower and put on a pair of blue jeans and a white tank top. The only thing my mind could focus on was the subject of going to school next week. What would it be like? At least someone I knew would be going there. 


The End

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