What the Pirates hadMature

People were running pounding on the hull of the ship, screaming, panicking flailing, it was chaos. The ship was shaking taking a beating from whatever the pirates were doing. Eric and I had been pinned up against hull as everyone panicked. We had to get out of here people were going end up dead if they kept this up and it was not my intent to end up dead. I looked around the doors to the rest of the ship had been sealed off by crew members but that didn't mean that there wasn't somewhere else go. I tugged on Eric's arm and started to make our way through on the hull of ship. He followed my lead but was not entirely sure if my decision to move in this chaos was the correct one. I could hear him shouting at me but I couldn't hear him over the commotion. The ship shook again almost causing us all to hit the deck. We pressed on my hand hitting a door. Unable to turn to see what I was doing I fumbled trying to find the control console only to find it wouldn't open.

"Shit." I said to myself.  Eric pushed me and someone who breaking down in front of the console out of the way and started playing around with it. I'm not to sure what we was trying to accomplish but didn't object to it maybe he had an idea. I looked off into the crowd seeing riot starting around another door. It was like a mosh pit people were shoving others out of the way it was truly a disgusting sight to behold. When it really came down to it we were lunatic creatures that cared for no one but ourselves. Eric tapped me on the shoulder letting me know that he miraculously opened the door I smiled and followed him through.

The door lead to poorly lit hall which made me think that it was a service hall more than anything else. Some of the others were following us but had seemed to calm down a bit now that they managed to get away from chaos that is the cargo bay.  The hallway ended in a T shape leading to more service corridors and ladder that probably lead to a main hallway.

"It might be safer if we stay here." I said to Eric.

"No. I don't want to be here when the rest of them come. We may have helped ourselves but I think ultimately we made this situation a whole lot worse allowing everyone to get out. I think its going to make this situation worse." He said.

"well then lets head left or right steer clear of em." I said not like the idea myself.

"No they might do the same." Eric said grabbing the ladder.

"Come on Eric up there were in danger for sure of the pirates finding us."

"No matter where we are right now were in danger. Lets go." He said picking himself onto the ladder.  He was right, but this seemed to put us in the most danger but he had made his mind up and I wasn't going to let him go alone.  The hallway above was better lit, clean, and shiny, and uncannily clear of anyone currently.  I looked around trying to find a map , a console of some sort to get our bearings but there was nothing here. I tried looking at the structure of the ship to see if could place a model but nothing was coming to me. I started heading to the right treading lightly on the metal floors. Eric followed keeping an eye out for crew or pirates. The ship shook violently before the com's went on.

"No one do anything stupid we have complete control of this vessel. If you don't get in our way or disturb our activities I can assure that 80 percent certainty that you won't be harmed. Outside of that your taking your life into your own hands." The man's voice cackled hoarsely before the sound of an weapon fire went off ending the message in static.

"I don't like 80 percent certainty." I muttered to myself moving down the hall this was a terrible idea.

We came across locked crew quarters, and a terminal that showed us that we on starboard side of the ship and that we were awfully close to the airlock that the pirates had connected themselves to.

"lets be careful not to tread were we shouldn't." I said quietly to Eric who had taken to watching around.

"There behind us." He whispered motioning to move down the corridor. We were walking quickly but trying to keep our steps quiet as not to be detected.

As we moved though I can here steps coming from from ahead of us, to our right there was an open door. We  hightailed into it soon realizing our mistake. The ship was grimier less cared for, shot up, and the floor was made of a grated material, we had stupidly stumbled onto the pirate ship. My hand started to shake as my heart jumped into my throat. Eric had also realized what had happened but we couldn't turn back now. We sprinted forwards  taking each turn as quick as we could taking each turn we could to put some distance between us and the pirates. Not realizing we were making our situation only worse we managed find ourselves in the cargo hold. It was filled with piles of miscellaneous junk, treasures, equipment guns , deactivated robots. I stopped briefly fining myself thinking that I wished I had the time to dig through all of this stuff.

"What the hell are you doing we have to hide." Eric hissed grabbing my arm.

We weaved through the piles of stuff till we had found an area that was covered by a tarp of sorts, and had enough space for the two of us to hide, but an itching feeling told me we didn't want to hiding here too long or we would be stowing away on the pirate ship.

"Alert, Alert. Two unrecognized humanoid biosignatures aboard ship." An A.I's voice ringed over the coms. Great we totally toast now. We should have stayed put.

"We can't hide here. We need to hide in such away that we can move to remain undetected." I said getting up. I think I saw something ahead.  that we can hide in giving us what we need." I said moving out. Eric nodded As went towards the a little alcove area Eric noticed a capsule like device that was about six feet long, and a foot or two wide. It was pulsing a low blue light.  We stopped in our tracks forgetting the urgency as we were drawn to the capsule. Eric took a few steps forward brushing his hands over a circular smooth part in the middle. It started rapidly pulse blue and the air started to move as the capsule began to power up, and move. In fear I stumble backwards falling onto an orb like robot that also began to power on. The blue light began to engulf Eric only leaving a shadowy silhouette of him in the blue light. Inside the blinding blue light a dark wisp began to pour out attaching itself to Eric.

"Eric! Get out of there!" I cried frozen by my own fear as his body drops before my feet. The light had stopped now, but his body lay motionless," Oh god no, please no." I said rushing over to him checking a pulse placing my head over his chest. He was breathing there was a pulse he was alive. What did that thing do to him, please be something harmless.

"Hi there I am. A.R.P 12. I am an all purpose droid. How do you do?" A high pitched male droid voice says chirpily behind me.

"Terrible.Please keep your voice down" I said annoyed the last thing I needed to deal with was an initializing droid. I turn around see an orb shaped droid with a scaly like tail , cloak like thing that was about two feet long off the back of orange lighted thing that I assumed was the droids eye, hovering over my head.

"Sorry. I will keep my voice down from now on. Is there anything I can assist you with?"

"Can you help me carry this boy?"

"Sorry I do not have the ability." it said. Multi purpose droid my ass.

"Okay buddy. We're in a bad situation people are looking for us and they are likely going to kill us and you if were found. Is there anything you can do to get us out of here safely.

"Yes, with several of my visual functions I can ascertain where biological life is." It said.
Great although things couldn't get much better something was looking up, " Sir I have something pertinent to say about that boy, and that capsule."

"Do you? I say baffled.

"It was my previous mission. I was guarding that artifact when a group pirates came aboard. It was of highest importance but it seems to have been opened. That boy must be guarded and protected at all costs. Please follow me. "

" Hang on." I said my voice annoyed, " what did that 'artifact do to him?"

"Mechanize. Please sir follow me. I can explain several humanoids are getting closer we must move."  I gritted my teeth annoyed about this snarky little robot telling me what to do and, and just it in general. I picked my brother up. He was heavy but I wouldn't let that stop me from leaving him behind.

"alright, take us the safest route as possible buddy."

The End

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