Dark Souls: Before the Hollowing

Based on the universe in the game Dark Souls, this tale follows the main character's story before the events of the game. In this time, the Dark was not the only thing present in the world, as the Souls of Lords have brought about an Age of Fire. In time, however, man will not revel in the protection of the flames forever, for the Dark will creep its way slowly into the world.


The Age of Fire has been created, the warmth of the Flame caressing every soul in Lordran and its neighboring lands. The four Souls of Lords were born withing this Flame, all created to combat the dreary grey fog that shrouded the world in a bleak, formless blanket that threatened to suffocate the Light and Dark, the true beginnings of Humanity. In the Age of Ancients, this fog was home to many dragons, the keepers the shrouded world. In time, however, the Lords wrought by the Fires of Humanity coalesced their strength to kill the dragons, the gods of the ancient realm. It was a battle between the old world and the new, a conflict to bring about a change throughout all the lands. This conflict would give rise to the sanctity of the Flames that brought about Light and Dark, each contributing to the dissipation of the fog. With each victory gained by the Lords, the presence of the Ancients dwindled, and a new power would rise to rule the lands: Humans. 

In the end, Nito, The Witch of Izalith, Gwyn, and the Furtive Pygmy took the lives of the dragons and ended their reign over the formless world. With the Flames of Humanity established, the Age of Fire began, and the dull fog that engulfed the realm was lifted with the power in this new Age. As Humans were born into this new world made possible by the strength of the Lords, they began to sculpt the world to their perspective as a way to leave behind the Ancients. Society began to believe in other powers, creating various covenants to worship the power of the Gods that protected them and their Flames. Great deities such as the Lord of Sunlight, Gwyn, and his offspring represented the eternal kindling of the Great Bonfire that would ensure the protection of Humans and the establish the Gods as the rulers of this new world. The Age of Fire, as a result, brought about a time for peace and development for the various regions of Lordan, a time for people to develop their crafts and create grand achievements with the fruits of their labors. Monuments, the great city of Anor Londo, The Duke's Archives, and many other symbols of Human achievements were created in this time; the various cities, architecture, knowledge bases, and covenants all amounted to the representation of Humanity and the Flames that powered the Souls of the realm. 

However, as with all things, nothing is eternal. With the presence of Light, there is a Dark shadow it casts upon those who cannot bask in this Light. In time, a few covenants will give rise to darker powers that threaten to disrupt the peace and snuff out the Great Bonfires that hold power of the Gods. For now, however, this shadow lurks in the background, slowly feasting on the essence of Humanity and growing in power. As the Darkness grows, the world responds with negativity and the Age of Fire grows weaker. In this transition, hope is coalesced into the progenitor of the Furtive Pygmy: a Knight of Astora, a protector of the Fire named as Anor Rinclaith.


The End

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