July 23, 2013,

Today at summer school, I met a girl; really pretty, slender, and a bit on the shorter side. She was nice, nevertheless. She did not speak to me first, but I spoke to her. At lunch. She was sitting two tables down, all by herself. I walked over and politely asked her if she was sitting alone. She said yes, and I advanced to the next question, “wanna eat lunch with me?” Of course I wasn’t eating alone, I simply could not do that (you’ll learn why later), but I still brought her over to my table.

Disregarding the other girl at the table (which I now feel bad for), the two of us began chatting up a storm. We talked about our classes, mythical characters, parties, food, and then she asked me about my “bubbly personality”. I told her that I was faking it, a simple act; fake it ‘til you make it. She asked how I pulled it off so well in front of others, and why it was fake and not a real personality because it suited me. But while she didn’t cause any actual damage with that question, it took me back to the past year. Eighth grade. I thought of how much I had changed. In the future, I may even call it “the year of change” or something of the sort.

Anyways, this is sort of a journal to keep everything that I have been through in. You don’t have to read it. It’s half created for writing help, and the other half is to get some stuff off my chest. Feel free to critique on the writing, or comment on what you think of my life. I don’t mind.

Like any story, I must start from the beginning though, and that’s what I must do…

(*note* my writing type will change a lot just because I can do as I please; first person, third person, poem, writing in human perspective, writing in non-human perspective, etc.)
The End

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