Mission complete, and a little new help

Seven and a half hours later at 8 A.M., Emilia was watching the President of Aerial Inc., Mr. Johansen, was escorted down the pavement towards a waiting limousine. Watching, through the invisible eyes of Nhar of course.

Nhar was perched in a tree just outside the restaurant he and his bodyguards had just left. She would normally have just hovered, however Emilia had given her a satchel filled with the ash of a willow tree. It was a very important part of the complex summoning they were only a few minutes from having to perform.

Nhar landed silently on the roof of the car, and with a combination of sheer strength and her wings, managed not to fall off as she drove toward the Presidents mansion. Or, more precisely, one of his mansions. The fact that he had more then one was the reason Emilia and Nhar had to go through all of this just to find him.

And yes, it was both of them. Emilia had entered Nhar's mind completely, and was sitting in a chair in a motel room with her eyes closed. Anyone who saw her would have probably thought she was meditating or perhaps sleeping, however the truth was much more stressful.

They hovered just outside of his house as one of the bodyguards opened the door. I can't go in there. Nhar thought, knowing that Emilia could hear her every thought. It was a rather intimate procedure when one combined their mind with another.

Maybe you can't because you're a demon, Emilia replied. But if you let me take control for a while, I can.

Nhar nearly laughed out loud. That would have of course been bad seeing as how she was hovering at face level in front of a gigantic bodyguard, so she did not. You don't even know how to fly. Nhar said back.

No, but if you land, I certainly know how to walk. Emilia countered. Nhar had to admit (no really she did, their minds were linked) that she hadn't thought of that. Fine. she conceded, and descended to the ground. Don't get us stepped on.

Emilia ignored that last remark and she felt Nhar's thoughts get a little cloudy as her own cleared. She could now feel the wings on her back, her shoulder length hair tickling her pointed ears. The ground shake whenever a bodyguard took a step. Wow. Emilia thought in wonder. Yeah, no kidding. The door, please?

Emilia walked toward the door, but oddly enough either being smaller or a difference in the leg-to-body ratio of a demon made it feel odd to walk. I wasn't exactly made for walking you know. Nhar said. I'm a flier. Hence, bad land legs.

Emilia tentatively took a few steps forward, just testing them out. They were different all right, but she couldn't be beaten because she had a hard time walking!

The last bodyguard walked in the door and closed it just as they made it over the threshold. All yours again. Emilia told her, and her thoughts once again returned to a sort of clouded state.

Nhar took to the air at once and flew toward the Mr. Johansen. His door was closed, but being nearly as thin as a pencil Nhar simply slipped under the door.

The man looked young considering how much wealth and power he held. Emilia didn't know what Aerial Inc. was, just that he was rich. After seeing the mansion, she thought rich was a drastic understatement.

He was sitting behind a dark stained oak desk. Sitting on the desk was a computer monitor and keyboard, three different stacks of paper at least as tall as Nhar and a coffee mug.

There were expensive looking sculpture around the massive office, and paintings and portraits decorated the cream colored walls. Some were signed, others weren't, but they all looked expensive.

Ready? Nhar asked. I'm always ready. Emilia replied, her mind focusing again. She grabs for the satchel of willow ashes. Good, mostly full.

She took a handful of the ash and started making a star around Mr. Johansen. She then enclosed that in a circle. Then came the complicated part. There were many symbols that had to be dropped precisely. But thanks to her small size she made little sound.

It was that he would see the circle that scared her. Or maybe smelled it. He seemed about half asleep, staring at what must have been a particularly uninteresting paper.

Of course, if he had noticed, she had a plan 'b'. But it was much harder then this, so she was hoping she wouldn't have to do it.

Finally the circle was complete and she stood back. Then she started to shout a summoning ritual. It didn't matter if he knew anymore, as she had already laid the final letter in place, and the ring would hold him like a barrier.

He slammed his fists into the invisible wall and tried to yell, but no sound carried outside of it. Meanwhile, Emilia is still shouting. And it's her shouting that brings the bodyguards into the room. She smiled. Perfect. He'll be hungry.

She uttered the final syllable and a white column of light shot from the floor, engulfing the late Mr. Johansen and leaving the bodyguards wide-eyed and stunned. They didn't even draw their weapon as they saw the ten foot red beast leap at them from the light, it's corkscrewing jet black horns strapping the ceiling. It snapped it's alligator-like jaws, briefly exposing 2 sets of serrated, inward facing yellow teeth.

It had a strange build, the bottom half of it's body was thin and lean while the top half seemed to be 5 feet of solid muscle. Muscles even bulged from it's neck as it cocked it slightly sideways to stare at the bodyguards.

They had finally pulled their guns and started firing. Be right back. Emilia told Nhar through their mind link. Then she was gone. But at that same instant, Nhar noticed, the massive behemoth turned to face the two men. It roared and flicked it's tail that Nhar hadn't even noticed before.It thinned until it looked like a hypodermic needle, and there was a clear liquid coming out of it.

Demon poison.

The End

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