Emilia woke up once or twice, but rolled on to her other side and went back to sleep. But finally, one time when she opened her eyes, she decided to stay awake. She was still slightly groggy as she proceeded through her normal morning routine.

She even had some clean clothes in there, but they were the same ones she had had on the day before. A black long sleeve shirt with burgundy symbols on it and black pants

It did get a bit boring wearing the same thing everyday, but this was balanced by the fact that she didn't have to do laundry. Not to mention if she tore or stained her clothes, she just had to come back here and take the brand new looking ones.

After making herself breakfast she looked at the picture that was on the wall. It was of herself and her brother in a graduation robe. They were smiling, he had his arm around her shoulders. She could make out a few people she knew in the background. It had been so long...

She looked away from it, standing up. She would get him back. She knew she would. She had to.

Emilia went back into her room and grabbed The Book laying on her nightstand. On her way to the door she noticed that there were tears drying on her face. She hadn't even realized she had cried.

She wiped them away with the back of her sleeve. There was time for that later. She grabbed the knob, and thought of the meeting place she had established with the man from The Organization.

Concentrating on the time they had agreed upon, just after 1 A.M., she didn't need to use magic on leaving the room. But what she did have to do was concentrate hard on where she wanted to go, and when she wanted to go. It had happened to her more then once that she wound up in the right place 5 years too late, and had to go back into her room and try again.

But when the door opened, she could clearly see the man, facing the other way, pacing under an overpass. She stepped out silently and closed the door, and walked toward the man. She got within 5 yards of him before he even noticed she was there.

He didn't jump, or even allow himself to look surprised. He must be a real professional. It doesn't matter. she told herself. It's a get in, get out deal. Nothing to complicated.Just -

But where that train of thought could have wound up, we will never know. Because just then the man spoke.

"I was beginning to think you wouldn't show." he said.

"I was beginning to think you wouldn't notice me. Now may I begin?" Emilia replied. Ha, shut him up...

"Yes, please do." he said, casting  glance to the end of the overpass. Her curiosity peeked, she placed her right hand on her hidden book and whispered the words "Intrit consa Nhar, et hum des". A rough translation of that would be My friend Nhar, I need you.

She felt the drain of magic and the weight on her shoulder before she heard a small, female's voice right by her ear. "Yes?" it asked, though there was a hint of enthusiasm.

All of this took place in the one or two seconds the man had looked away from her. Maybe he wasn't as professionals as she thought. Everyone dealing with magic should know you never turn your back to a Demon Charmer. But that was all the time she was aloud, as the man turned back.

Though, the only person he could see was Emilia. This was because the 6 inch tall scout demon standing on Emilia's shoulder named Nhar she had just summoned was only visible to her.

"You do know that I can't summon in front of cameras or microphones, right?" she asked cocking an eyebrow, tilting her head in the direction the man had gazed.

Nhar caught on, and stretching her black leathery wings took flight toward the end of the overpass.

"Of course, you made that very clear back in the alley." he replied, his all-business demeanor cracked slightly. It might have been that he was tired, or maybe he had heard of her seemingly omniscient reputation.

"Mind if I check to make sure?" she asked smugly. She had him.

"Not at all." he said, some of his neutral, no emotion, series tones coming back to life.

She closed her eyes and rather than darkness, she could see through Nhar's eyes. If Emilia had wished she could have also heard what Nhar heard, smelled what she smelled, etc. However the man sitting in the grass with a camera was all she needed. At the moment.

"Naughty boy." she said mockingly, shaking her finger. Nhar flew over to the camera and kicked the camera to the ground. She may have been small, but Emilia had seen her hover in front of a steel door and kick in the lock. Needless to say, this meeting would not be filmed.

"Ok, I guess I'll let you see now." Emilia said. The man waited for her to do something, but she just stood still. Eventually, he had to ask. "What exactly are you doing?"

"I'm waiting, obviously." she replied back curtly. Nhar landed on her shoulder then. "Are you going to show me to him?" she asked. She sounded a little scared.

"Yes, don't worry." Emilia said to her with a reassuring smile. This only confused the man more, because it now appeared that Emilia was talking to her self.

She laid her right hand over the book, and said "Nhar, des oni tetrum dir bel sanchy." An even rougher translation of that would be "Nhar, you are free to be seen."

The heat of the spell book could once again be felt as a spark shot from The Book to Nhar, and her invisibility melted away like ice in an oven.

The man was speechless for a moment. "How long has she been there?" he asked.

"Am I hired?" Emilia asked grinning wide again.

The End

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