Suspended in time

After exciting the small brick alley she could practically feel the eyes on her. They were watching her, perhaps hidden amongst the dilapidated shops, cameras and binoculars trained on her, some nobody in The Organization talking to some higher ranked nobody, both hoping they'd be the ones to discover something important that they could use against her, and be promoted to even higher ranked nobodies.

She toyed with the idea of summoning a demon to track them down and rip them to pieces, but as much as she'd enjoy it, she couldn't risk them having cameras trained on her. So if I can't kill them, I'll just have to lose them.

She went up to the first door she could find, it didn't matter which one it was. As it turned out, it was the door to a small coffee shop, one of the few businesses still managing to scrape by. The heavy scent of coffees and cappuccinos still floated in the air, accented here and there by the smell of cinnamon and cookies. She took a deep breath of it, then put her right hand over her heart. She touched the door handle with her left.  "Harma loons dir intrit nomons" she said in a high, clear tone that could put singing birds to shame.

She felt the power swirl around her like being inside a cloud of static electricity, could feel the tingle run through her spine, her hair stand on end. Her fingertips felt like ice was gliding ever so slowly over them everywhere they touched the doorknob. Her left hand was burning hot, the book she kept over her heart burning even hotter.

The feeling of ice continued flowing up her arm, and the fire spread outward. It wasn't until fire and ice met, the cold and the hot merging together into a strange sensation that was neither pleasant nor uncomfortable, that she pushed the door open. The feelings of heat and cold evaporated, and instead of the coffee shop on the other side, was her apartment. Her Haven.

With the smell of coffee still haunting her sharp senses, she made her way to the small kitchen and grabbed the coffee can without even looking. Her shoes clapped noisily on the tile floor as she passed a digital clock. The display read 03:32. And thanks to her enchantment over the place, so it would stay.

She didn't actually own this apartment, but no self respecting Demon Charmer or Enchantment Weaver did. They found an unoccupied home or apartment and froze it in time. In doing this, they would save it's location in their copy of The Book. The book that contained every spell its owner knew, and which only the owner or blood relative could read.

Doing this, they had no home to attack or to be cursed. It was suspended in it's own dimension.

Breaking the foil seal, Emilia scooped the finely ground coffee into the filter, poured a few cups of water into the back and left the machine to do its job. She passed the tv, knowing that all that came in was static, and sat down on her tan leather couch, still just as new as the day she had bought it. Though, everything in the room was as new as it was on the day she had enchanted it.

Every time she left, the room would reset itself. Everything that had been there the day of the enchantment would go back exactly as it had been. The coffee tin, now sitting on the counter next to the coffee maker, would go back to the same spot in the cabinet it had been before she'd moved it. The coffee would all reappear inside, the foil seal would fuse back together.

The best example of this though was the warm pizza sitting on the coffee table with a clean plate on top. She was starving, but then again she had just used magic. She felt like she could just inhale a couple of slices, but she'd made herself sick more then once when she'd eaten too fast after using a more powerful spell.

Even going slowly though, it wasn't long before she had eaten her fill, and by then the coffee was done. An odd combination, but why not?

An hour later, the clock still reading the same time, she decided to call it a night. Or a day. Or whatever it technically was there. She laid her copy of The Book on a nightstand by the bed, pushing the thick blanket back. It was far to hot to need it, as it always was. She changed into a pair of clean pajamas before crawling into the queen size bed.

The End

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