Dark Side of the Earth

Emilia is sly as a cat and has a knack for never being wrong. Though, most would attribute this to her demon spies she could summon on command. But when a scheme to rescue her brother from a criminal organization (And make a buck or million along the way) backfires, she'll be pushed to her supernatural limits to get him back.

Emilia smiled, her incisors showing. Her teeth were white, though they didn't have the unnatural brightness of whitened teeth. "I'm well aware of that" she said in an angelic voice. Her hazel eyes darted to the black, starless sky above. Not even the moon glowed in the sky.

"Been spying, have we?" asked the burly, golden voiced man. He didn't seem angry, or even aggravated. In fact through the dark, Emilia could make out a faint grin twitch at the corner of his lips. Though, he probably only permitted himself this because it was so dark, any normal human wouldn't have been able to see.

The man fidgeted with a cuff link on his expensive looking black suit. It was probably a designer name knowing this man. Patience, morals, friendliness, hair; these were all things this man was short on. Muscle, money and connections he was not.

He looked down the brick walled alley behind Emilia, and then turned and looked behind himself. There was no one. "I was rather hoping for a... demonstration, if you wouldn't mind. Maybe in an hour or so, you know where" The man said. "I'll give you half of the million after that, and the other half after the job is done."

Emilia held back another smile. She would happily accept that offer, if she felt this man wouldn't give more. She pushed a bit of auburn hair behind her ear, then stared him right in the eye. "I have one condition" Emilia stated, a bit of steel mixing in with the angelic ring. "When I wake up the day after I have my money, I want one of your men out of The Organization. No strings attached, just free to walk."

The man appeared to think it over, though Emilia knew this was simply the same tactic she had employed. Only, she was a far better actress. "I believe we have an understanding then." The man returned her toothy smile with a slight, measured grin.

"Alright then. Tomorrow at six as you requested. I'd recommend that none of your people are in the area. I can't guaranty their safety."

"There's no need to worry about them" he said. There was clearly something behind his words, but she'd let it go. It wasn't her job to know at any rate. She extended a hand toward him, but he made no move to reciprocate.

"We'll be in touch" he said before turning in what could almost be mistaken for grace, walking toward the door of bricks that blended perfectly with the alley wall.

The End

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