Chapter 1: Rise DarkwindMature

This is the second and final page written as Galvin lightwhisper 


"Tell me what will happen when I’m reborn?" I tried to turn to face the voice that had offered to save me, but I was frozen in place. "Will I be one of these mindless bastards that I died fighting?"

"No my child" the source of the voice stepped into my vision "you will rise with your own mind with you own body and spirit, but you will rise with new strength. . ." the voice was a man clothed in a red that was so dark it was almost black. It hid everything but his head and his hands both of which were white and in stark contrast to his body he was handsome with soft features and kind dark blue eyes. 

"Who are you?" I asked the question and immediately the answer came

"I am Darkness, of the council of balance. I am the giver of new life, I am many things but I am also your friend." he knelt beside me and looked straight through my mortal shell and into my spirit. "Now it’s my turn to ask. Who are you?"

"My name was Galvin Lightwhisper the retribution bringer and servant of the light. . ." I answered the question with a detachment like what I was saying wasn’t true “. . . but that life has ended . . . I accept your offer of rebirth on one condition”

“Yes friend what is it?” the spell that held mefrozen in time broke and I rose to my feet.

“All I ask is that you destroy this infernal plague and cure those who were affected by it” I tried to make myself sound final and unmoving but my pain slipped into my voice and I fell flat on my face.

“I cannot do that . . . I can release the plagued from their pain but the rest is up to you.” He looked down upon me pride in his eyes “now rise Darkwind lord of the night skies”

The wounds on my body began to close the pain faded and instead of It power flooded into me.

“I will not fail you.”


Time began again and the plagued soldier stopped in his tracks the entire undead army fell onto their knees

“THANK YOU, GIVER OF NEW LIFE!!!!” the army cried in unison.

“Now my guardian . . .” as darkness spoke I looked at him “its time we leave”

“No...” I looked into my new masters face “I am eternally grateful but I must check on my loved ones I will join you once I speak to the girl I love.”

“you cannot do that Darkwind” he had no anger in his voice or upon his face but those eyes betrayed his emotions. “you are no longer part of this world or her world. . . .  look down” I did “what do you see below you?” my eyes widened in shock below me was a mangled corpse its hair the same dark brown mine was and the eyes the same emerald green. I saw the armour it wore and gasped the gold and blue cloak that hid my sheathe and the steel shoulders were all that I could see. But that was all I needed the corpse below me was my own 

The End

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