The Beginning

Adelaide saw the mirror, and she fell through it, into a world of things straight out of her worst nightmares.
There is a slim chance of survival.
The chance is slimmer if she wants to get home. And she does want to get home.
But there's no telling if staying alive is possible.

It was getting very dark, and the moonlight was already shining down through the trees. It was in this moonlight that Adelaide glimpsed a mirror.

She did not know what she was doing in the forest at night. She only knew that this mirror was amazing, and she desperately wanted to touch it.

She stepped towards it.

It was a truly exquisite mirror, taller than she was. It's silver frame was patterned into the shapes of complicated flowers and impossible creatures. It was frighteningly beautiful.

Adelaide wondered what such an exquisite thing was doing in the middle of the forest. She reached out to touch the glass.

And suddenly, she was falling.

She tumbled through darkness, all traces of moonlight gone. Objects tumbled past her, a gold pocket watch, a worn book, a sword.

She had been falling for a very long time when she saw the objects, and she reached for the book.

She flipped through the pages, but all of them were blank.

"How strange," She said aloud, if only to hear her own voice. "It looks as though it's been read quite often, but it's completely empty."

Her words echoed off of the tunnel.

Adelaide yawned. She'd been falling for a very long time, she was very tired.

Still falling, she drifted off to sleep.

The End

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