Dark Origins of the Earless Elves

How the Earless Elves came to be such Abominations.
A short piece explaining the origins of the Earless Elves as told by a High Elf narrator. (Part of a fantasy world building project).

How the Earless Elves came to be such Abominations.

A High Elf narrates:

There was a time when the Earless Elves used to have ears just like the other elves. Pointy ears, you get the picture. They had been entrusted with high responsibility for the wellbeing of the elves and nature.

However these elves destined to become the Earless Elves, betrayed the trust. They broke their agreement that they had been bound to. Rather than to serve the wellbeing of the elves and nature, they went against all of what they had sworn to uphold.

They sought to usurp power for themselves. Power over the elves and nature. Power over the delicate balance between order and chaos.

However, just before their plan could be fully realised. A heroic High Elf and his allies among both the High Elves and the Wood Elves, struggled to avert complete disaster. Although some disaster came to pass, total ruin was prevented.
And hope had been restored.

The traitor elves had been found out and now was the time for their judgement and punishment.

The Council of High Elves with agreement and support from the Council of Wood Elves, declared that these traitors would have to be punished in such a way as to leave a mark. The mark of their failure to honour the ways of the elves and nature. And so as to be recognised as the evil traitors they are. The shame would live with them, a fitting punishment for their sins.

Thus the punishment was executed. The traitor elves had their ears cut off.
This is how they became the Earless Elves.

However, as the struggle of good against evil continues. And rightousness has no rest in its quest against the relentless wickedness, the abominations known as the Earless Elves, still attempt to cause havoc and chaos throughout the lands. Trying to upset the balance between order and chaos once more.

They dream yet again of usurping power and exacting vengeance upon elves and nature.   Truly, a nightmare, that must be prevented from coming to pass. We must resist the menace!

The End

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