Chapter one

this story is about john. A man that's just about to open the door to the new world and experience the worst nightmare he's ever had.

It’s been three months since I’ve seen my wife. Two months since I’ve seen daylight. I’ve been locked in this place ever since the world went to hell. Almost all the food is gone and I can’t stay here much longer. All I have left is a week’s worth of food and water, a flashlight, and a gun with one bullet. This is my last entry. I’ve decided to go outside and see what’s left of the world. If anyone ever finds this, I wish you good luck.

          John turned off the monitor and shut off the lights as he made his way out of the room. He grabbed his jacket and bag and went to the entrance; with one last look at his sanctuary he took the safety off his gun and unlatched the door. His hand began to shake as he held there for a minute, and after gathering up enough courage he flung the door wide. An overwhelming light filled the room blinding him. He took a step back covering his eyes trying to see what has become of the world around him while he was locked away. As his eyes began to adjust he grew terrified. The land that was laid before him was nothing like what he left behind. A barren wasteland stood before him. Black sand filled the dry hot air making it ever so harder to breathe, but the air had no scent. There were no bodies to be found, no sign of human life. A few dead branches on a withering tree, and a crow was all he saw. The city he once called home was no longer there. The magnificent skyscrapers and the many households that housed thousands, are now all gone. Only a skeleton of what once was remained. The people were gone, with thousands dead in a blink of an eye. Yet John lived, and upon grasping this reality he collapsed to his knees and retched.

          He spent hours laying there on the sand; so long that night had fallen. Was it always this dark out? He thought as and the temperature dropped far below what was normal to him. Freezing, he decided he had to leave, and gathering up his strength he sat up to look around.

          Is there anyone alive? He began to wonder. There’s no sign of human life. There are no lights, no fires, no voices. We knew this would happen, but we just ran out of time and no one was prepared. Is it even worth it to live? But if I survived there should be at least someone else out there, right? Someone lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time like me. I owe it to her to stay alive. I guess I can’t stay here then.

           John got up and forced himself to take step after step as he made his way into the ruins of the city. The further he got the more he felt as if he had heard something off in the distance.  A faint whisper touched his ear but it was too far off to be heard yet it sounded familiar to him. Desperate and confused he began to move faster and faster to where he thought it came from. Then he heard a shout.

“DADDY!” Someone screamed out in the distance. John sprinted as fast as he could but he didn’t know where she could be, the ruins made her voice echo making it impossible to pinpoint her location. Feeling time running out he just ran where his feet took him, making turns and going down alleys until finally he came to an intersection where a little girl stood crying.

“Sarah is that you!?” he blurted out as he ran towards her. Crying she looked at him, and it was she. He approached her and felt a sudden rush of happiness as tears ran down his eyes. He grabbed her and held her tight easing the little girl’s fears.

“Daddy where have you been? I don’t know where mommy is and I’ve been all alone,” she said sobbing.

“Everything’s going to be fine now baby I’m so sorry I wasn’t there for you, but I’m here now and I won’t leave you ever again,” He promised her. “We’re going to find somewhere to stay, okay, you’re safe now.” He picked her up and carried her to an old abandoned home where he tried to open the door and to his surprise it wasn’t even locked. He opened it and made his way inside. He found a light switch but it wouldn’t turn on so he put her down, and took out his flashlight. Scared, she grabbed his hand and followed him into the kitchen. The flashlight started flickering and he could feel Sarah’s fear growing as she held his hand tighter.

John searched through the cabinets and drawers until he found a couple matches and some candles. He lit one up and set it down on the counter where it illuminated the kitchen. “There’s nothing to be afraid of Sarah,” he said.

“I miss mommy,” She tugged at his arm.  

“I know baby, I miss her too,” he said hugging her. “But right now we have to be strong for her and keep each other safe, okay?” John went to his bag and pulled out a teddy bear, “I kept him safe for you,” He kissed her forehead and she managed to smile despite of everything. “Oh and this too.” John reached into his bag and pulled out a chocolate bar for her. “Here, I was saving this for a special occasion,” he smiled back. “We should probably get some sleep, let’s see if we can find you a bed.”

They walked into a bedroom with the candle and put their things on the floor. He took her in his arms and carried her to the bed. After tucking her in and caressing her hair until she fell asleep, he got up and locked the door just to be safe. Then he sat against the wall where sleep took him at once.

The End

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