Dark NightsMature

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Dark nights

The night was dark and the smell of blood and death were strong through the door of the club. It all hung over them in the form of unforgiving darkness, darkness that seemed to move and shift hiding all of this place’ horrible secrets. A big man stood at the door, his hand holding the door knob checking the ID’s of the eager people trying to get into the club. Little did they know that after they stepped through those doors nothing would be the same again.

But the three girls standing in the line knew it.  In fact they were counting on it. They stood out from the crowd, not by the way they looked but by the way they acted. The three girls stood together putting space between them and the other people standing in line. Their faces were set in a grim line. No of their eyes jumped to the different people in the line, their bodies weren't egger and shaking from excitement.

Ivy turned to look at the girls that had followed her far, hoping they knew what they were getting themselves into. This club was not the normal human club and they were not normal human girls.  Behind that door was a room that some though only existed in their deepest and darkest nightmares. But once they were inside it would all shift into focus, and the strong realization that the creatures inside where the ones from the nightmares would hit them strong. But by then there was nothing that could be done about it, and the fear would only excite the vampire, it’s always did.  The lucky ones went free, but there were not many lucky ones.

But these girls know what was waiting for them behind the door, and they were ready for it. Or as ready as someone could be when they were going to stare death right in face, and spit at it. They where here looking for one of the freaks of nature, someone who could give them some insight. So they could stop whatever might be coming, because if you don’t know what’s going on how could you stand up against it.

 Ivy was more ready then the other two. Burt that did not stop them from coming with her, they where a team, a family there was no two ways around it. But they really didn’t know what Ivy had gone through the last few days. She was on a mission finding her way up the vampire chain of information when she had met him; his name was Vash. He was everything they had to watch out for: a powerful, good looking vampire. He had gotten inside Amelia’s head, and she had more or less let him. He had been the first vampire she had not killed right away when they out lived there usefulness to her, in retrospect that was her first mistake.

 There was something there, someone other than the lust clouding her thoughts.  She didn’t know if they could call it love, in fact everything in her very essence was fighting against calling it anything but vampire magic, and lust. Thought no matter what she told herself, it was there under her skin, making her hands shake her knees feel like they would not be able to hold up her body weight.  When they parted he told her that he would see her again if it killed him, and she believed him. So she had been waiting, going against everything she knew. No matter what happened now the fall had already begun and there was nothing she could grab onto to stop herself.

They reached the door when two girls stepped in front of them entering the club before they could, having managed to slip through the slowly closing door.

“What the hell you st--” but Ivy stopped talking in mid-sentence.  Anger boiled inside her, her mind was already jumping to how fast she could kill these girls.

“What did you say to me bitch?” The girl turned.  She was wearing a tiny tank top unsightly rolls bulging out from under the pink fabric. Ivy watched as Emily turned around with lightning speed and delivered a punch right in the girl’s face.  She wasn’t in a good mood and she was too stressed to deal with stupid people. Without even thinking, Alexandra and Ivy pulled Emily away kicking and swearing as she tried to punch the girl a few more times as they pulled her away from the line.

When they were sure she was cooled down they set her down on the ground. “What the hell are we going to do now? We need to get in!” Ivy's voice was high and shril, her tone not making the situation any better but at this point she was to far gone to care. This was the only night they had and they were wasting time. But then Ivy looked over and spotted a not so big man standing in front of a back door. This might turn into the only break that had so far, a slow smile spilled across her features. She glanced at both Alexandra and Emily, jerking her head towards the door. Emily was the first to move; Ivy and Alexandra stayed back and let her do the work. Emily just walked up and clipped the guy right in the face, he doubled over, when she brough the handle of a knife she his inside her wrist on his head. His body crumbled into a heap on the floor, they all looked at him like they had seen this a million times which they just might have,

Ivy only shrugged her shoulder walked to the door after it had already been opened with Alexandra in front of her. She did not say anything it was much better to let Emily blow of her steam now. If she had to angry it might only get her killed when they were inside. “Did you have to hit him so hard?” Alexandra asked watching the blood pour from his nose and onto the floor around him.

“Yup.” Emily went in the door, cracking her fingers lightly. Ivy turned, they had enter a small hall way, where the bathrooms where. No one was there at the moment, which was good no one had seen them come in.  The moment she took another step inside her mind was over whelmed. The smell of blood and sweat in that air was strong, and the music pounded all around her, vibrating inside her chest.  Lights flashed in her vision, blue, green, yellow, all swirling in the air bouncing of the skin on the closely packed people on the dance floor. She blinked trying to clear the colors away but they wouldn’t go. Instead they only seemed to flash harder.

She herself looks almost unreal, the lights bounced off her light brown hair. Making it shin different colors, her skin did the same, the pale pigmentation sucking up the colored lights around her. She tried not to think about how much they all stood out. They were not half dressed like some of the women in the club; in fact the all wore long sleeves to hide the weapons hidden there.

“I think we should all look around.  Keep your cells on and where you can feel them in case someone else finds our guy. Remember he has a rope tattoo around his neck. He won’t be hard to miss.” Ivy had to scream over the music and Alexandra looked around at all of the vampires around them wondering if anyone heard them.  Fortunately, they didn’t, and the girls all nodded and went off in their different directions. 

The dance floor was rather large, but all the bodies seemed to be unnecessary pack together. They all seemed to be waving in and out of the lights, it was all so unnatural. The humans where easy for her to spot, they all danced in a daze. Each one clinging to an unnatural creature, as if they where the last chance for life, when it was in fact quite the opposite.

The next time Ivy turned her friends were gone and she was standing the edge of the dance floor, it lurched and lulled towards her as if it was going to suck her in at any moment.. Her gaze shifted to the back wall where there were a line of large wooden doors. The rooms where private were high paying vampire could get a human without anyone seeing, and have someone close get rid of the body.   The feeling of fear pressed her hard, but she shoved it down knowing what she had to do. She would be fine. She had been doing this since the first time she was doing this for longer than her mind cared to let her remember. But Alexandra and Ivy were different. They were still so new untrained to a point; they should not have come with her. But if she had come along the outcome would not have been on their side at all.

She was walking on the outskirts of the crowd, but she wasn’t scared anymore.  There was an air of calm about her now, it was not like she walked in here unprotected. She had weapons, a sharp silver knife tucked away in her knee high boots, as well a smaller ones on a string loaded hostler on her wrist. Killing a vampire was hard holy water would slow them down; as well a knife through the heart, but a beat was to burn them. The only thing that didn't work was the sun, it did nothing to them they did not burst into flames. But they couldn't go out in direct sun light they would be spotted to easily then, their skin sparkled like millions upon millions of tiny diamond shards covered them.

As she edge around the crowd she could almost feel herself being pulled in my the magic that was laced in the air. It was hard to fight against, and there was a few very good looking young men calling to her. She could feel them tugging her mind, but she only threw up more walls. It was something she again learned while she was being trained, once a vampire was in your mind, there was no way you could fight back. So one must keep them out no matter what, she tried never to make direct eye contact with them.


Ivy stopped dead in her tracks; a cold sweat broke over her body. The voice was masked by the music but the feeling she got was not something she could soon forget. The power coming from the vampire was like nothing she felt before; it was huge crushing her chest making it hard to breathe. She had felt something like this before, but the fear would not allow her mind to pick it out from her pool of memories. Someone had found her out, they knew why she was here, and what she doing they just had to. It moved around her like the shadows dancing to the music pumping in the place. No, they weren’t shadows, they were something else hiding in the shadows.  The air around became cold, the temperature dropping with blinding speed. She shivered, her arms wrapping around her waist trying to create some heat in her body.

She didn’t have time to think no time to make a plan in her mind, because she felt the warm breath tickling her neck. Her mind was dissolving giving into the fear, and letting it drown her reason. She put all her might into running and he just followed her without breaking a sweat.

Finally she reached a bathroom. Ivy was already in a distressed state and she had forgotten everything that she had learned. She knew that a simple door couldn’t keep a vampire that strong out. It didn’t.  From under the door from a thick black smoke, it began to take shape.  She knew it was a vampire the power coming off of it and the look, like a shadow. Like someone had turned the light off right above it moving but a black moving shape. She couldn’t make out what he looked like. Within a flash she was shoved into a wall and the dark figure was on top of her, tongue running over the skin on her neck, sending chills down her spine.

“Don’t fight me,” he whispered. The voice was definitely male, strong and deep.  She knew that voice but she was trying to fight for her life.  She didn’t have time to think about who this was. There was the second where she felt the fangs biting into the flesh on her neck. In her minds eyes she saw his dirty blonde curls hanging over his face, no it was Vash. She was too far gone to fight him now and she felt the blood leaving her body. But there was a pleasure about it, something she couldn’t explain but she found herself using her last bit of energy to cling to him. 

Then she felt her body hit the floor, the room around her was slowly losing all its color. She was dying. She didn’t want to die. She looked up. She could now see Vash’s dark figure over her. She opened her mouth to tell him to save her and not to let her die but only the bubbling of the blood was there.

“I can’t save you unless you want me to.” His voice was so far away but he wasn’t.  He was looking right into her eyes, “I love you, please tell me I can do it.”  

 It was a rule now matter how bad of a vampire you were this was the rule, you could only change a willing victim. If the person wasn’t willing the bite would become like a poison to the blood and kill.    She nodded the best that she could, hoping that he understood what she was trying to say to him. Save me her eyes pleaded. He understood that she didn’t want to die and lifted her head into his lap resting it there. Ivy watched in horror as he cut open his wrist and let the blood pour down. He smiled and pressed his bleeding wrist to her mouth. For a moment she fought him not wanting to taste the copper-like liquid. But when the liquid hit her throat it was sweet and hot and with it came a rush of images.


 There was a young man lying on the beach, the sun beaming down on his skin, then another image, the same young man being dragged away by what looked like police for what reason Amelia didn’t know. Then there was a dark room looking much like a cell of some kind. The images came faster and more jumbled and not making much sense to her. They became more violent with blood everywhere and people dying at Vash’s hands. She didn’t see this of course but she knew it. Ivy was shaking. The images were too much for her and she tied to shut them out, but had no luck. The more recent images came flooding into her mind, the ones of their meetings. So she had seen him more times then she wanted to admit, the fact is that they had been meeting for months.

Ivy felt Vash pull his wrist from her mouth and for a moment she had lost all reason and had tried to pull his wrist back into her mouth. When she did she realized that the wound had already closed. She opened her eyes and the color leaked back into her vision, but it was different. She knew that it was the vampire blood running in her body making everything sharper but still as dull. The color seemed to jump out at her but they stayed in place, the objects around her seemed to become alive but they were not moving.

Ivy jumped out shoving Vash away from her. Everything seemed to be working with super abilities, her hearing, sight, and smell. She could hear people talking inside the club, she could see differently, and she could smell blood and hear it rushing through the veins of humans.  She dropped to the floor her hands covering her ears her eyes shut tight, ‘Make it stop!’ Her mind screamed. She couldn’t take it was too much all at once.

“She’s in here, I can feel it! Come on!” Ivy heard Emily’s voice coming closer to where they were. She panicked again, feeling the blood pump faster in her body as she looked for the only way out.  All she could find was an open window on the other side of the room.

“Ivy, wait; I can get you out of here safely.” Ivy turned to see Vash watching her, his blue eyes pleading with her to let him get them both out of here. He stood in all his perfection, did he know he had ended her life. Ended it so fully to totally that she was sure there w3as no way she could have it back again. She was pissed and she hated him, and even with his blood in her vein’s she wasn’t giving in.

There was a dull pain her body. What could happen to her now she was already a vampire? What else was there? Vash moved close to her putting his arms around her waist and getting ready to leave when the door opened. Vampire all came with special powers, some could create fire some could read minds and some could teleport; Vash was created with the ability to teleport.

Emily and Alexandra stood at the door. Alexandra was a mess, skirt torn from the bottom up and wrist bleeding from the two teeth sized puncture wounds there.  Amelia watched them in horror, blood tears leaking down her cheeks.

Amelia was slowly coming to the understanding of what was going on. She knew what she needed to do. She spun quickly away from Vash. Even that small movement filled her head with more noise. Ivy watched him smile and take a step back, his body becoming one again with the darkness. “Oh you’re so beautiful when you think you can fight me.”  His voice came from nowhere, yet everywhere at the same time.

Alexandra was shaking and covering her mouth. Emily reached into her boot pulling out a small knife.  She looked at Ivy, who stood in front of them, her skin ashen with death. “You’re not Amelia anymore! You’re one of them.” The change might have scared someone else; these girls had faced death together, now Emily was ready to kill her. But it was a matter of survival; she could loss her mind at any moment. The small of their blood was already filling the room pounding behind her eyes.

Emily came flying at her, the knife catching her off guard and piercing into her shoulder. Amelia screamed, her hand flying out with lightening reflexes and knocking Emily to the wall. The girl looked up for a moment and then her head rolled to the side, unconscious.  Anne was on her knees, her own blood pouring all around her.

There was a movement behind Alexandra that only Ivy could see. Before she could say anything, Alexandra’s neck was twisted painfully and her body slumped dead in a pool of her own blood. Amelia screamed. She didn’t want to kill them. She only wanted to get away and leave them alive. Vash appeared again, his body forming from the shadows, a wicked grin on his face.  What had happened to him? Vash had been nothing like this before. He loved her and would never do anything to hurt her.   “How could you?, she whispered, backing up against the wall.

Vash only smiled and took a few steps towards toward her closing the distance between them with ease.  “You, my beautiful little huntress, will be the last straw to start the war. Your death and subsequent joining to our side will make the hunter’s come after us.” His voice was light, almost happy, even as he spoke to her. “Then when they come for us, but that didn’t matter. Don’t you see someone had found us out they were going to kill you I had to do something”

Ivy shook her head. This was not happening. Was she was dreaming? Yes, she must be dreaming. Soon she would wake up in her own bed and be ready to go and do this mission again. Vash had stopped talking, he only watched her. His eyes were hurt, but angry as well. A combination she was sure she did not like very much. But how could he do this to her, she could have protected herself if she knew what was coming. Standing she planted her feet against the blinding pain in the back of her head, “You told me you loved me!”

 His eyes flashed. He had been caught off guard and stumbled a few steps back. But Amelia had no time to move before he was on her again, both of his arms on her shoulders pinning her to the wall.  “Be happy that I didn’t kill them both,” he spat. Reaching for her arm, he began to pull her out of the bathroom and back into the club.  “Now let’s try and have a good time tonight, after this the party only gets better”



















The End

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