Dark Magic in Shawling's Forest.

Pretty much a story about magical creatures that live a forest. Original right?


Flauren; Magical elf-like creatures that usually can be found living in the base of old hallowed out trees – usually in or around forest area. They enjoy music and dancing and are very friendly beautiful creatures. They use LightMagic

Dulcydes; Magical creatures, are known to resemble gargoyles but are very hairy. They aren’t friendly and find it amusing torturing Flauren and chance they get. They use DarkMagic

Pelmaysies; Cute little creatures, would resemble a giant bumblebee but instead of yellow and black they are silver and purple (Depending on the lighting) very furry and helpful. They can be found nesting under the top branches of tall trees and like to come out and play around the forest on nice days. They have one magical action:They can communicate with you through their minds. Some Flauren have this, but it is very rare. The down side to this is, Pelmaysies can enter your thoughts without you knowing and can share them with others as their memory is perfect and can remember right back to the day they hatched.



A Story



Chapter 1

Aylah-Jaye’s Discovery


Aylah-Jaye lay on her back facing the sun, which streamed all through the brightly lit forest, eyes closed. Her long brown hair draped across her front, small flowers and plaits running through the wavy tendrils. She sung a lullaby in a whisper as she soaked up the warm sun on her light olive skin. A gentle hum in the enchanted forest consisting of all sorts of animals and unknown creatures made her feel welcome. It was a nice day in Shawling’s Forest; A good place for a Flauren. But lately it had been raining or getting unnaturally dark in the forest. Thinking of this made Aylah-Jaye feel as if she were being watched. She couldn’t shake the feeling and finally gave in, opening her deep green eyes quickly visually inspecting the area around her. Aylah-Jaye noticed something blue flicker behind a nearby tree. She got to her feet, carefully sneaked over and slowly peaked behind the tree, not sure what to expect, only to reveal Zachary - her family’s friend gnome. She gave him a playful scowl, “What are you doing here Zac? Spying on me?” Aylah-Jaye enquired her tiny friend,

        “Well…I-I…No…Y-You see I was just…well…I was-”

        “My mother sent you didn’t she?” Aylah-Jaye interrupted with a tone of distaste.

        “Yes Aylah dear, she did. If I were her I wouldn’t have let you, a 16 year old Flauren, here in Shawling’s Forest on your own - well probably not at all,”

        “Well…she uh didn’t exactly give me permission… How did she even know I was here?” Aylah-Jaye looked at him puzzled.

        “She noticed you were gone and I told her I knew where you might be,” Zac folded his arms over his chest and a smug look emerged on his face “and of course, I did, and I’ve found you.”

        “Yes well, now you’ve found me I suppose you can’t go back empty handed now can you? Also the sun has disappeared and the nice hum of everything has gone. I feel its time to leave…” Aylah-Jaye gave Zac a forgiving look and gave the forest around her a quick check that there was no one else around, then made her way back to StoneHedge village. She never was quite sure why they called it ‘StoneHedge’ village, there wasn’t really any stone hedges, and their houses were in the hallow trunks of thick old trees. The two of the made their way through the forest quickly and silently, suddenly Aylah-Jaye tripped over something. It felt like someone had grabbed her ankle. Panic flooded through Aylah-Jaye's blood, she scarmbled to her feet and began to run, “RUN!” she screamed at Zachery. She stopped abruptly, thinking quickly she picked up Zachery and kept on Sprinting through the forest. She didnt stop or look behind her until she was well and truly out of the forest, despite Zacherys cries to put him down.




        “Elar, Aris, we cannot allow anyone to go into Shawling’s Forest anymore! Its far too dangerous.” Camille tapped the table in time with her last three words emphasising each word.

        “Camille I know you’re worried because Aylah-Jaye spends a lot of time there but-” Elar began

        “Elar! She went to Shawling’s Forest by herself! Without asking me! I had Zachary fetch her!” Camille stared Elar intensely in the eyes, they were communicating without words now, a special bond the two of them shared, it usually took time though.

 The three of them were huddled together in a small room in the base of an abandoned hallowed out tree trunk, like the ones they house in but much smaller. It was lit by one candle giving the hollow a dim glow. Finally Elar broke Camille’s stare after what seemed to be minutes and looked away, almost embarrassed.

        “Sorry Millie, Aris would you please organise to inform everyone in StoneHedge Village that no-one is to enter Shawling’s Forest with a party of less than three people, and they must inform someone if they plan to go into Shawling Forest so we know where everyone is.” Elar Rubbed his chin thoughtfully for a minute-or-so after receiving a respectful nod and departure from Aris. He and Camille were now alone to speak freely.      

        “Millie…what is it exactly that’s out there, in the forest, that is so dangerous, my apologies, I am aware that strange things have been happening, but nothing dangerous…?”

        “Oh my dear Elar, a terrible Dark Magic has resided in that forest. Such things will be discussed tomorrow, when we are sure of complete privacy” Camille gave a polite nod and left the small room gracefully into the night.

The End

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