Chapter 1, Part 2Mature

This story is about a race of vampires and a race of witches that I created. Aisling, a teenage witch during a Species war, meets with Angelo, a vampire her age. They are soulmates but try fighting against it, until they realize they need to win the war, together.

I bent down and put the flowers on her grave, silently remembering the night, and every day after that. They had never found the man who had hit her. I remember the cops coming to my house and telling my father. He had already been told by my grandmother, but he was like me; it didn’t really faze him until we heard it from the police. Wiping a tear from my eye, I picked up my bike and rode to my grandmother’s cabin.

 As I reached it, the familiar scent of herbs hit my nose. I put my bike on the side and walked up the steps and into the two-floor cabin. She wasn’t in the potion room, or the living room, and when I looked around the house I didn’t see her anywhere. I thought she might have gone to the Herb Emporium downtown, but just as I was about to leave, a beagle came up to me. It confused me, because I knew my grandmother didn’t own a dog. She didn’t like them.

          “You get taller every time I see you.” I raised my eyebrows and backed up.

          “Grandma? Is that you?” In a puff of semi-painful smoke, the dog was gone, and my grandmother stood in its place. I waved the smoke away before going over to give my grandmother a hug.

          “I wasn’t expecting you. That old bloodsucking parasite hates me, so I never know when I’ll get to see you.”I looked at my grandmother. I was a lot like her. We both had red hair, although hers was now a light strawberry blonde. The fact that she was a witch was etched into her wrinkle-less face. A witch could be fifty-something (or 150-something) and not look older than the average 22-30 year old. We heard a meow from the floor and looked down to see my grandmother’s cat, Onyx, wrapping himself around my feet. I kissed him before going to one of the potion cupboards and getting out the ingredients for a tonic. As I crushed up the mint leaves, I heard my grandmother doing something in the kitchen. I mixed all of the ingredients together and went outside to sit on the porch swing. Soon, my grandmother came out and sat down next to me.

          “Are you alright?”She asked, pulling me into her lap.

          “Yeah I’m fine. Just a little…I visited moms’ grave today.” She pulled me even closer, putting my head over her heart. Her heartbeat was still going strong, and I knew without thinking that our heartbeats were the same. We were both witches, and all witches’ hearts beat as one.

          “I miss her too baby.” My grandmother lovingly stroked my cheek.

          “It’s hard to believe it’s been eight years since she was killed. The last time I saw her was a few hours before she died. I never even got to say goodbye before she left the house that night.” I sighed lightly before fixing my hair. “I just wish that they could have found the asshole that hit her.”

          “I know kitten. So do I.” She got up and held out her hand to me. After she pulled me up, she straightened her dress. “Have you practiced lately?”

          “What do you think? Adora won’t let me, and my dad works too much to teach me anymore.” My grandmother pulled me off of the swing, and she moved a long strand of red hair from in front of my eyes.

          “Do you want me to teach you today, or wait until a later date?”

          “Today. I don’t want my powers to wane.” We went inside, and six hours later I left my grandmother’s house. It took me a while to arrive back home, but I had taken the long way in order to avoid the road. I put my bike in the garage, and went in the back door. My dad was sitting at the kitchen table alone, eating dinner. I walked in and set the Tonic for Davina on the table.

          “Hey kiddo, did you have fun? How is your grandmother?”

          “She’s fine. I got some practice in the spell book done, and I made a tonic for Davina. Where is she?”
          “Davina and Adora went to the store to pick up some more fabric for Davina’s new winter coat. We want to get it done before summer is over and autumn and winter begin.”

          “Ok. Um, dad can I ask you a question?” I sat down at the table. And he set down his newspaper. He seemed to be confused about why I was asking him something, which I suppose made sense, since that was the reason why I was asking him the question. When I didn’t talk, he actually responded.

          “You know you can. What is it?”

          “How come…why didn’t I get in trouble earlier today? You seemed to come home on fire, and when I refused to apologize you just stopped. You didn’t say anything else on the subject. Normally you hold on to something for hours and hours.”  He chuckled softly.

          “I figured you would ask me that. You know I loved your mother more than anything right?”

          “Yeah, I know. You’ve told me that a million times since mom was killed 8 years ago.”

          “I guess that’s always been my fault. Maybe I loved her a bit too much, and now, I’m being blinded by Adora in the hopes of finding someone that will love me as much as I loved Avida. I had thought that was Adora, but I guess I was wrong. But today, when you had that little tantrum…” He trailed off and looked back at me. “You reminded me of your mother.”


          “Avida was so strong minded…she was never afraid of a fight. You’re a lot like her. The stance you took today used to be her battle stance when she didn’t get her way. And you did it almost as perfectly as she did. It’s getting harder and harder to tell who is who. You’re the spitting image Ai.” He pushed his plate towards me, and I frowned when I saw that it was empty. My dad was a big teaser, but you really shouldn’t tease with me when I’m hungry. “Breakfast Burritos. I know they’re your favorite.” I smiled at him and grabbed the plate, and made myself two breakfast burritos. Sighing with happiness, I ate in silence with my dad, contemplating the past, and my future. Too bad some peace wouldn’t last.

The End

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