Chapter 1, Part 1Mature

This story is about a race of vampires and a race of witches that I created. Aisling, a teenage witch during a Species war, meets with Angelo, a vampire her age. They are soulmates but try fighting against it, until they realize they need to win the war, together.

“Aisling, wake up!” my stepmother Adora shouted. I was already awake, and in fact had been awake for the past two hours, and she knew it. She also knew how much it bugged me for her to mess with me this early in the morning. Sighing, I turned off my computer and stomped over to the door.

          “Sorry, no hooker zombies allowed in my room. This is a no undead zone.” I stared straight into her crimson red eyes as I said that, and she tried so very hard not to say something back.

          “It’s about time.” I closed my door and walked downstairs, listening to Adora bitch the entire way about how I’m such a disgrace to my father. If she had it her way, I and my kind would not even exist today. I went into the kitchen and gave Davina, my dad and Adora’s seven year old daughter, a hug before sitting down in my own seat.

          “Can you help me Ai?” I smiled and scooted my chair next to her before helping to pour her milk. As soon as I put the milk carton down, I started digging into my pancakes, not worried that Adora had poisoned them. She wasn’t that smart. Nor did she have the access to that stuff. She was a lawyer, not a pharmacist.

          “I don’t care what you say Aisling; you need an alarm clock, even during the summer. It isn’t fair that I have to wake you up every morning when I have to work. I’ve been late three times this week, and I’ll get in big trouble if I’m late again.”

          “Excuse me, but you know good and well that you don’t have to wake me up. I get up before you do. Hours, in fact, before you ever even think about waking up.” I knew, deep down, that it wasn’t about the alarm clock. It wasn’t even about the fact that I wasn’t her real daughter.  It was because I was an Arhszana Witch, and she was a Tsiline Vampire. No witch and vampire ever got along, at least not that I was taught. It was even illegal for a vampire and witch to communicate, let alone see each other and not kill the other.

 I disliked vampires more than the average witch; because I suspected that my real mother had been killed by one, even though evidence just showed that she had been horrifically hit by a car. Besides, it just didn’t fit for a witch to like vampires. As a witch, it was my job to heal. The same goes for all witches. 

Vampires harm humanity. They’re unnatural, and deadly. And I firmly believed that of all vampires, except Davina. With her abnormally tall body, tight blonde curls, heart shaped face, and angel-blue eyes, she was adorable. She was my sister.

          “That is not the point, and don’t you dare raise your voice to me!” Adora snapped, and Davina shrunk back in her seat.

          “First of all, I didn’t raise my voice. Second of all, it may not be your point Adora, but like it or not it is true. You are not my mother, so I dare you to try and tell me how to run my life.” I started to get up from the table. “Oh, and by the way, you can go die now.” I walked upstairs and into the room that connected mine and Davina’s. It used to be my real mother’s office, but after she died and Davina was born it was changed into an office/playroom for Davina and I to use, but I didn’t mind. Davina always respected me when I was in there. She would never make a noise, and would sometimes come over and watch me work.

 From behind the door, I heard Adora make a hysterical call to my father. She was telling him that I screamed in her face and overturned the table before running upstairs. I was used to her lying. Then she told him how I had said she could die. Okay, so maybe that was the truth. So, I either need to keep my mouth shut, or apologize after every time I say something mean. Which one do you think I’m going to do? I heard the door open behind me, and I turned to see Davina.

          “Do you mind if I play?” she asked lightly, closing the door behind her without even a sound.

          “Do you even have to ask?” I said, smiling. Davina went over to play with her Barbie’s, which freaked me out. Her Barbie’s always were organized; they always had all of the clothes and shoes, and their hair was never out of order. Their shoes were never even scuffed.

          “You should have called her fat Ai. She deserves it. If she didn’t take Belladonna as birth control, I’d say she was pregnant.” The funny thing about Davina was that she hated her mother almost as much as I did. And for a seven year old, she had a very colorful vocabulary. Which, now that I thought about it, had largely come from me.

          “Aisling!” Davina and I heard my dad shouting from downstairs, and we looked at each other. I looked at her guiltily. I knew that I was in for it now.

          “We better go downstairs.” She said, and I nodded. We left the room and walked downstairs to the living room. My father was standing there with his arms crossed, and Adora was sitting on the couch with fake tears in her eyes. She could be a great actress when my father was around, and a hell spawn every moment that he wasn’t.

          “You’d better apologize to your stepmother right now young lady.” He said, and I rolled my eyes.

          “No.”I swear I saw smoke coming out of his ears, and it was almost enough to make me take a step back. Almost, but not quite.

          “No? I raised you better than this Aisling.”

          “I’m not saying sorry to someone who; first of all, doesn’t deserve one, and second of all, I’m not apologizing when I did nothing wrong.” I crossed my arms and raised my eyebrows at him. Suddenly (shocking me and Davina) he gave a chuckle, and smiled at me.

          “Why don’t you go to visit your grandmother’s house? I’m sure she’s lonely with just Onyx around.” Adora screamed and stood up.

          “You’re just going to let her go? She insulted me! She threatened me!” My dad rolled his eyes and left the room, and Adora spit fire at me before she chased after him. I grinned at Davina, who was laughing, before going upstairs. I grabbed my bike lock and went back downstairs, and went into the garage. My dad was working on a birdhouse, and he called me over before I grabbed my bike.

          “Remember, stay only on the sidewalk. Don’t go into the road. And watch out for traffic. It’s a full moon tonight; there are bound to be idiots on the road.” he said, handing me 20 bucks.

          “I know dad.” My dad grabbed my bike handle.

          “I’m serious Aisling. Be careful out there.” He gave me a kiss and let me go. I grabbed my bike, and went to the town center. I stopped by the Mini-Mart and grabbed a bunch of my mother’s favorite flowers; lilac’s spotted with black dyed roses and baby’s breath. As I took the flowers up to the cash register, I saw my Culinary Arts teacher, Mr. Cohn, behind the register. He saw me and smiled.

          “Hello Aisling. Are you having a good summer?”

          “I’ve had better. I wish school would hurry up and start.”

          “That eager to be in my class again?” he handed me the flowers and my change, and handed me a receipt. “Have a great summer.” I left the store and biked all the way to the cemetery. My mother’s grave was all the way in the back, and when I reached it I dismounted and looked at her headstone.


Avida Adams

Spring Equinox 1970- October 31, 2000

This young woman was a loving mother

And wife, but her life was taken by a

Drunk driver

May she rest in peace

The End

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