16: Sophia

“This is your problem anyway!” I shouted, “I couldn’t care less what happens to this town! You can just deal with this by yourself!”

I threw the pile of clothes I had been searching on the floor and stormed out.

 I had had just about enough of Jack blaming me for everything that went wrong for him. If he hadn’t dragged me back here then I wouldn’t be getting in his way. And if he hadn’t tackled me in the first place then the Can of Doom, as I was now calling it, would probably still be where it was meant to be.

 If I was honest, I just hadn’t forgiven him for causing me to fall in mud for no good reason. It didn’t look like his grandfather was even home and now he was turning the shack upside down looking for the can which could now apparently hide from us. Wonderful. Well, he could deal with that all on his own, I’d had enough.

 “Are the keys still in that car that you stole?” I asked, barely leaning through the doorway.

“Probably. Good luck trying to drive away from this if it’s escaped. You might not care about this town but I bet there’s somewhere in the world you do care about.”

“Maybe. Your point?”

“You think we’d be going to this much trouble if it was just this town that was going to be affected? We’d just abandon ship. This thing could kill everyone on the planet.”

“And you can’t even find it in a room that I can barely move in. Impressive.”

“Shut up with your complaining. Please. I need you to help me find this thing, we’re running out of time.”

I sighed and went back to sifting through the mess.

 “I can’t find my grandfather,” he said eventually, barely managing to speak loudly enough to be heard.

“Is he out?”

“He was meant to be keeping an eye on the can, he wouldn’t have left it.”

“So where- Oh.”

He threw something against a wall. I secretly thought that that might have been a fairly dangerous idea, given the questionable structural soundness of the wall, but said nothing.

“I’m going to kill this thing. Stone dead. If something’s happened to him…”

“Can it be killed?”

 Within a couple of seconds of awkward silence I decided that I shouldn’t have said that particular thought out loud either.

“I mean,” I said, trying to fix things but undoubtedly making them so much worse, “Do you know? If it can be?”

The silence doubled in strength. I gave up the struggle against it.

The End

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