I sensed him coming closer. The girl was with him again. The only two sources of energy in the area I could access, though I couldn’t see them from my current position.

 I was out of the box now but movement was difficult in this container. Jumping was the most effective means of transport but energy was running low now. Soon there’d be so much more for me to drain…

 I saw him arrive at the doorway, out of breath. The energy levels in the room leapt immediately as he registered the empty room. As he wandered inside I realised what I perfect position I had ended up in, close enough to sense the changes in energy but too far from them to be easily spotted. Not to mention close to the main attraction, which would give the largest rise in energy levels…

 Although the boy was at the far end of the shack when it happened, I felt the second energy increase clearly as he began to panic. It stayed constant as he screamed for the older Trapper, clearly audible from where I lay. I wasn’t surprised at the childish overreaction; his aura had allowed me to predict it.

 The next increase caught me off guard. Had he spotted…? No, it was the girl. Forgot about her. She had finally caught up to him, covered in mud.

“Jack? What are you yelling about? If you’re just messing with me, I swear-”

There was a crashing noise, signalling the boy’s movement in the shack. “Where is it?”

“Where’s what?”

“The can, you idiot, what else?”

“How the hell should I know where it is? Isn’t that your job?”

 There was a dull thud. “Empty. Help me look for it, would you? Instead of just standing there looking useless?” He must have found the box, the least effective of his security measures.

“Explain how it’s even possible to look useless?” she snapped, starting to pick up objects at random as if that could be called searching.

“I don’t know, but you pull it off somehow!”

 I was enjoying the charge their arguing was giving the air. Both were panicking now, covering the fear by making a show of anger. Humans had the strangest ways of dealing with emotion of any creature I had ever come across. Feeling one thing but disguising it as another would be considered pointless by any other being. Then again, it’s complexities like this which make them the most worthwhile species to attack.

 The argument was gaining pace, only adding to my reserves. If the older Trapper had been around he would have been telling them to calm down. But, as it stood, they were unaware what they were doing. Unfortunate for them, but rather convenient for me.

 Soon it would be time…

The End

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