I recognised the old man. I remembered his aura, even. I had been so close to breaking him when he captured me. But the vessel they had lured me into the last time had been much weaker than the one I intend on using for this attempt. Much younger. There was no shame in being defeated in a vessel like that.

 This doesn’t, of course, mean that I don’t hold a grudge.

 His home is cold, very difficult to draw energy from the atmosphere in a place like it. I wonder if that’s intentional, if he expected to have to face me again, even in the aftermath of our last meeting. Wise man, if that was the case.

 He wasn’t showing any trace of that wisdom now. He was ignoring me completely. I struggle with the energy reserves I have already built up, trying to remove the block on my vision that they’ve thrown over me. If I could just get a clear path out, I can move myself quite a distance, even with my prison around me.

If I  can move myself just far enough to do damage on impact, and then…

The End

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