11: Sophia

I ended up in a car with three screaming kids and their mother. Even if I had been at all interested in talking, no one would ever have been able to hear me over that lot. Not that the mother didn’t give it a go anyway.

“Been living here long?” she bellowed over the noise, managing to make the youngest child bawl even louder.

I shook my head and stared at the window, hoping she might just leave me alone. No such luck.

“Are your parents working here?”

“I don’t live with my parents.”

That kept her quiet for all of thirty seconds.

“With other relatives then?”

“No. On my own. I don’t really get on with my family.”


I give up on answering the polite small talk and cut her off with a glare. She focuses on the road and calming her children down after that.

The window was nowhere near interesting enough to keep me occupied. I started to get drowsy. Field after field after field… And the odd car, though not many were heading in the opposite direction to us. And then a car heading in the same direction as us…

 I sat up. What? Was someone overtaking?

 To my amazement, Jack was behind the wheel and waving furiously at me. I blinked at this apparition, wondering if I had actually fallen asleep. This notion quickly left me as he accidentally rammed the car I was in. (Well, for his sake it better have been accidental.)

 He was quite probably breaking every road safety rule it was possible for him to break without having about twenty people in the car. His belt was off and he sure as hell wasn’t looking where he was going, leaning over to put down the passenger side window.

“Pull over!” he roared.

“Watch where you’re going!” I roared back, becoming seriously worried about my own safety at this point.

He went back to actually steering the car and pulled in a couple hundred metres up from where we were. The woman in control of the car I was in pulled in shakily.

Someone’s wishing they hadn’t volunteered to take me, I thought, looking at her.

 Jack was at my door before I had time to even think about getting out. “You’re coming back into town.”

“Will you make up your mind?” I sighed, climbing out, “One minute it’s a risk to public safety for me to be in town, the next you nearly run a car full of children off the road trying to get me back into town… You need to work on being more decisive.”

He grumbled something and started towing me towards his car by the arm. “I found something out. We need you to do the re-containment.”

“To do the what?”

“The putting back in of the thing in the can!”

“But it’s not out of the can.”

“Not yet. We’ll get it out.”

“Why would you want to get it out to put it back in again?”

“Because… I’m not explaining any more! It doesn’t matter to you!”

“It does if I’m being involved in the… whatever you call it.”

“No, that’s the reason it doesn’t- Never mind.”

 I was glad he had finally given up on trying to make me understand whatever bizarre thing was going on in this town. He was right, it didn’t matter to me; I wanted to be out of the place as soon as possible. Although I would have liked just a little hint as to what he needed me for because, if my theory and my instincts were correct, it wasn’t anything good…

The End

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