Chapter 1

The darkness crawled in from all edges of the clearing he stood in, slowly debilitating his sense of sight whilst simultaneously increasing his awareness of the surrounding forest. The last dregs of light dissipated, turning green grass to black and lustrous trees to gnarled witches, reaching out to grasp the young boy and drag him under the earth. These fabricated beings of the night were not what the boy was waiting for, nor were they of any threat to him as he kept his gaze lingering on the other side of the expanse of grass, ignoring the invisible birds who cried warnings of impending danger and the invisible men who crept around, breaking twigs and shaking bushes.

As the sounds of the forest merged with something bigger, more real and dangerous, the boy poised himself, left leg bent at the knee whilst his right foot only half touched the softened soiled, he was ready to pounce, ready to fight. The noise moved closer and closer with every passing second, the birds fled, no longer caring if anyone heeded their caution and the unseen men grew louder and more frantic as it approached the clearing. The boy removed a bow and knocked an arrow. With a roar that seemed to make the whole forest pause, the beast emerged from between two trees, heading straight for him. It was a 7ft tall and 9ft long, horned mammal with teeth and claws that could easily out match a sabre-tooth tiger, it's tail closely resembled the end of a stegosaurus. An arrow whistled through the air and embedded itself in the thick shoulder of the monstrous creature. It didn't even pause as pain bit into it's flesh, it just roared again and sped on. The boy let loose another three arrows, only two of them hitting the intended destination but still the beast didn't slow. In the final seconds before the fateful collision, the boy leapt to the side, clearing twenty more metres than that of any average human. The beast slowed then proceeded to turn and circle the opening, both parties keeping a close eye on each other. The boy placed the bow back in it's holder then removed a sword from it's sheath at his side, the monster took this moment to charge at it's prey. Sword unsheathed, the male waited until the creature was only a few feet in front then sprung upwards, over it's snapping jaw and onto it's horned head. He clung tight as it swung his head, trying to dislodge the young man. The boy, slashed his sword down, into the side of the beasts head, not stopping until he felt bone break from the impact. The beast roared then fell, it's body slowly going limp as it's life drained away. He waited until it came to a complete stop then climbed down the side of the creatures head and snapped his fingers, the carcass burst into flames and within minutes all that was left as evidence of the fight was a small pile of ash and some flattened grass.

His name is Oliver Sandman, he's been alive for three hundred years and is only just classed as a teenager, his swept brown hair rests perfectly on his well structured face and there are only three people in the whole universe who knows who he really is, his carer, John, his sister, Lila and his best friend Josh.

The End

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