Dark imbrace


Nathan was stuck in a terrible nightmare that no matter how he struggled to be free he could not shake out of it. 

"Please, please let me free,"  cried an old man strapped down to a table similair to one you'd find in a school cafateria.  He was stripped down to his under-wear.  Which were wet from his own urine, the aweful smell filling the room.  Nathan covered his nose quick as to spar him-self from the smell which was growing in intensity.  The room was more like a dungeon and men in white suits tortured the man.

One seemed to notice him and lunged forward with a vicous snarl.  He exploded and appeared as a large wolf.

"Who are you," another demanded to know.  Eyes blood-red, face dark as a demon, which he was, and teeth bared, fangs protruded from his gums.

Chapter 1

Nathan managed to shake him-self awake.  He was in a cold sweat and he was breathing hard.  There was something about the nightmare that felt like it was more than just a simple dream.  Like that was an actual place and he was witnessing true events.  He didn't notice that the shadows were fighting to get closer to him, that his own shadow actually was moving.

Frightened by the dream it too had.  Though it didn't think that the men payed any mind to him.  "Wait, I thought??"  His mind raced, he never knew he had a mind.   Nathan, hearing the voice, payed no mind, exspelling it as his own thoughts playing games with him. 

And Nathan fought for precious sleep before the exam that awaited him at school the next day.  Praying that the dream he'd have was not the nightmare he had fought to awaken from.  After tossing and turning for a good hour and a half, he slowly drifted off to sleep. 


Enrico started sniffing for the boy who had appeared out of no where and disappeared just as quickly.  "It seems he was nothing more than a mere shadow."  He said after he had turned back into human form.  Enrico was a werewolf, I'd known him since he was four.  "Which means he's one of them."  He snarled pointing toward the old man with slivery hair and long, dirty goatee.

"Yes, the boy didn't smell of blood."  I said.  Me being the vampire I was could catch the sent of blood within mere miliseconds.  I had memorized the boys features.  Dark, red hair, emerald green eyes, muscular body, about 5'7".

"Are you okay Federico?"  Enrico asked me.  "You seem lost, though you often are."  I didn't answer, just continued to torture the man we had in custody.  But there was something wrong, when he first saw the boy the first thing he noticed was the fact that the boys shadow had tensed for battle.


At school Nathan had finished his exam and was talking to his friend.  Her name was Aniela, she had long brown hair and black eyes.  She had an attractive figure which drew in many guys.  But Nathan was the only guy she knew who didn't care too much about looks, and never treated her like "a princess" but a human.  "You okay," she asked.

"Yeah, just a little spooked is all."  He said.  "You think your parents would let you come to the mall today, considering it's the last day of school?"

"I could see, why so interested?"  Aniela asked.

"I was wondering if you would come with me later today.  Don't really want to be alone."  Nathan said with a smile.  Aniela thought there could be another reason he wanted to go with her and she smiled.  "So what do you think?"

"I'd love to go."  She exclaimed.


"Hunt this boy down."  Roared Enrico and Federico's superior.  "He's a danger to us and all in his path.

"Your will be done great one."  Enrico and Federico said to the winged one.

The End

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