The Legendary Dark KnightMature

Danny was aimlessly rolling balls across the pall table at each other,

“Look if you want to play just play, it doesn’t look like he’s coming back anytime soon” Maggie snapped at him from the chair in front of the desk,

“We could just leave?” Danny offered,

“Just a bit longer” Maggie replied, “I just wanna wait a little longer.”

Danny picked up the pool cue and wacked the cue ball across the table, grumbling and mumbling something about food.  Maggie stood up to stretch her legs, as she reached up to straighten her back she noticed the papers on the desk again for the first time and walked over to examine them.

Most of them were written in strange ruins or hieroglyphs she couldn’t understand.  Then she saw a photograph sitting in a small frame by the telephone, it was of a beautiful young blonde woman, at first she thought it was Trish, but, there were differences, the curve of her mouth and her eyes, her eyes seemed so sad.

Sitting next to the photo was an old, leather bound book.  Maggie picked it up and read the title quietly out loud,

Legend of the Dark Knight”

Maggie opened the cover and looked for the publishers, but nothing was listed, no publisher, edition number or copyright, it was just written?  She flicked through the pages, several had been ‘dog eared’, one caught her eye and she stopped to look at it properly.


It was in these dark times, when our world was domineered over by the foulest beasts of hell, when man was no more than food for the demons and Earth itself was the plaything of their dark god, Mudus, that a lone warrior did appear from the fires to fight for mankind.

His name........ was Sparda.

Sparda, a general to the hell god himself, had conquered vast armies of mankind.  His armour was unbreakable, his sword, ‘Sparda’, the mightiest blade ever wielded by man or demon, had struck down hundreds in the war. 

No man knows why he chose to rise up against Mundus, but when he did no demon nor hell beast could stand against him, giants fell, sea serpents sank to the depths and entire armies of vampires, were-wolves and the undead were wiped aside.

When the two finally met in battle, Sparda, who even with his huge curled horns reached only the height of the tallest man, and, Mundus, who assumed the form of a gigantic white statue, a stone colossus standing high above the clouds, the world itself trembled.

For days the darkness that had covered the Earth was illuminated in fire and light by the duelling immortals.  Munduses mighty form could be seen towering into the dark skies all over the world, until one fateful day, when the earth shook, the skies bled fire and the colossus cracked, his body shattered and the gateway to the hell realm reopened, drawing back the remains of Mundus and his armies, forever, Sparda was victorious.

Our world was finally free, but not yet safe for mankind to rebuild.  Humans who had allied with Mundus to escape the fate of the others, continued to persecute and terrorise the lands, and so, Sparda took up his sword again and fought against those who still served the dark god, when they were finally vanquished, Sparda went into hiding and ruled the Earth in secret.

As mankind grew as a race and thrived across the world, countries were rebuilt and began to take the shape we know today.  Sparda hid from the world for countless centuries and no man knows why, all is known is that one day, Sparda shunned his demonic form to become human.

It is said, that Sparda, through all the darkness in his heart, fell in love with a human woman and married, some say he had grown tired of his own immortality and wished to die as a human.  Sparda and his bride were barely married a year before she fell pregnant, shortly after the woman, whose name still remains a mystery, conceived, Sparda died.

Why, again, is a mystery, but the most popular belief is that Sparda passed on all his powers to his un-conceived child and it was too much for his human body to cope with.  No body was ever seen, no funeral held and no spot on this earth marks the place where Sparda, the legendary dark knight and hero of mankind lies at rest.

Nine months after Sparda was born, his bride gave birth, not to one child, as Sparda had always believed would be the case, but two, twin boys, Vergil and Dante.  The two boys were as different in personality as they were similar in appearance, Dante was a spirited baby, playful boy and tearaway teenager, in short a normal boy, Vergil on the other hand was quite different.

Vergil learned of his demon lineage on this tenth birthday, along with Dante, from that moment on his was obsessed with his own abilities and those of his father, he shunned humans and normality and spent years researching the hell realm.  Where Vergil hid from humans, Dante longed to a part of the world, but like most teenage boys, Dante liked to show off and it wasn’t long before his powers started to get noticed, even under developed as they were.

Vergil and Dante were forced to abandon their home and mother in fear that those who would use them for the own gain would harm her, unfortunately it was too late.

Mundus had found ways to send his foot soldiers to the earth realm, instructing them to kill Sparda and anyone in league with him.  When they found his home, they killed Spardas bride and learned of his two sons.  Mundus feared the boys, he knew as Sparda once did, that one day he and his forces would be strong enough to punch a hole back to the earth realm and seize it again, and that these two boys would be there to stop him.

The boys learned of their mothers death and planned revenge in their own ways, Dante used what little his mother had left him, along with one half of an amulet belonging to their father, to buy a building in the worst parts of the city as a private detective, a good cover story to spend his nights hunting demons, hoping to cut through enough to one day meet their master.

Vergil had bigger plans, it is widely known that Vergil allowed an agent of Mundus believe that he had sided with the dark god, and planned on freeing him using an ancient tower that when active would open a gate to the hell realm.

  Dante arrived during the towers awakening, convinced himself that Vergil was going to release Mundus, although Dante longed to seek vengeance, he cared for the human world and wished no harm on it from the hoards of demons that would also be released.

The two battled furiously until the agent revealed himself and his plans to Vergil, but Vergil was ready and turned the tables, with his brothers help, Vergil sacrificed himself in order to close and destroy the gate, flinging himself into the vortex to the hell realm.  There, Vergil made his stand against the dark god, but in his own world, Mundus was unstoppable, and Vergil was killed.


Maggie closed the book she could feel a tear welling in her eyes,

 “Danny, take a look at this” he put down the pool cue and walked across the room, taking the book he flicked through the pages,

“What is it?”

“It says our planet was once host to a demon rampage and this guy’s father saved us.”

“And you believe this bullshit?”

“It says his father gave his life to ensure our survival, passing his powers on to his two sons Vergil, and our friend, Dante.”

“Wow, that’s a really stupid story and two very gay names.” Danny mocked looking extremely unimpressed,

“Danny what if it’s true?  I mean after what we’ve seen with our own eyes, is it that hard to believe?”

“So why isn’t this stuff in history books? Why aren’t there demon skeletons in the Natural History Museum?”

“I don’t know, perhaps it was covered up by the church, perhaps it happened to early in our history for anyone to record it, I mean this dark knight, Sparda, managed to keep his own wives name a secret from everyone.”

Danny looked back at the book, “Mundus, who the hell is Mundus?”

“Apparently he is the god of the hell realm, Sparda banished him and his armies from our world, so Mundus had his wife and Vergil killed.”

“Sounds like a charmer, does he have a holiday? Mundusmas or something?”

Maggie giggled.

“Your funny, I like funny” the low, cool man’s voice echoed through the room from above.  Maggie and Danny tilted their heads up again, and saw Dante drop from a trap door in the floor above,

“Can’t be too careful” he said walking towards Maggie, looking right in the eye and ignoring Danny completely, “It’s tax return time so I avoid the doorstep.” He stopped right in front of her, nose almost touching hers Maggie looked into his cold blue eyes.  Behind that cool exterior and macho image, there was a kindness behind those eyes.

“Weresorry” she said very quickly “didntmeantojusthelpourselves...”

“Wow, slow down hot stuff, your making my head spin.” Dante said resting a finger across her lips.  His eyes flickered to the book in Danny’s hand, “so you’ve been doing some home work I see, well you shouldn’t believe everthing you read, sweetheart.”

“I don’t, I’m a journalist.” She replied and Dante laughed,

“Well fair enough then, anyway, what can a guy like me do for a girl like you on a night like this?” he jumped into his chair and swung his feet up onto his desk, Maggie took a seat in the chair opposite again,

“Mister Dante, I’m investigating the death of a young girl....”

“I don’t handle those kinds of cases.” Dante interrupted,

“I don’t want to hire you, I want to ask you how a girl ends up like this” and she flung the photo and file on the desk.

Dante looked down at the photo, he didn’t seem the slightest bit shocked or disgusted, although Maggie did think she’d seen a glint of pity in his eyes,

“Where was the body found?” he asked,

“Where you found me and my friend tonight, almost the exact spot where that thing opened on us.”

“I see, well I can tell you what happened to her, but two things, one, you really don’t wanna know and two, I don’t wanna have to clean vomit out of the carpet after I tell ya.”

Maggie wondered if he was trying to be charming, “I’m a grown woman, Mister Dante, I can take the truth.” Maggie wasn’t going to be swayed by his good looks and cheeky comments.

“I’m not trying to patronise you, Miss Rose, I’m just trying to keep you from ending up the same way, trust me, you keep reporting bent cops and let me deal with this shit, k?” and he picked up the remote, changing the news to a cowboy movie.

“Fine, I’m sorry mister Dante, but I’m not giving up.  I know this girl died through supernatural causes and I know it has something to do with that gateway in the alley, and if you won’t help I’ll find someone who will.”  Maggie stormed from the room, slamming the door behind her, Danny left feeling rather awkward with Dante just sitting there, chewing on a slice of old pizza and watching him,

“I, err, better, err, you know...” he nodded towards the door, Dante simply grinned and nodded, “okay......bye.” and Danny ran for the door, the second it was closed, Dante threw the slice of pizza back into the box, picked up the phone receiver and dialled,

“Trish, we may have a serious problem.”

The End

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