Bad Hair Day

There was a time where to the tourists and visitors of the inner city, every menial random occurrence was attributed to me.

It's like the effects of the wind and gravity stopped working within our city borders and then I, 'The Villainous Chameleon Tail' took control of every falling leaf and mysterious cold draft in an effort to execute some overall devious plan.

Even during my imprisonment there were reports coming in of my handy-work still being done and no sooner had I arrived when I was promptly upgraded to maximum security block with the worst of the juvenile offenders with super powers so that the community could be more at peace.

And then there were others out there who questioned if I existed at all.’s funny how that which is unseen can either be a source of great fear or of doubt.

But truth be told, deep down I wasn't really anything special. I was just an invisible girl with hair with a mind of its own.




I could hear the distant shattering of glass from another sky-scraper down town. It sounded like the battle between the giant demon and a handful of the cities dark heroes were getting further from the agency, probably about three blocks away.

Barry would be relieved.

He had five of the city’s most famous super heroes outside holding their ground guarding his building rather than sending them off to help the dark heroes save the city.

Of course Barry was missing out on extra publicity which the battle would of brought for his agency and the Supers that he managed and represented. But with Barry the potential for asset loss or damage always weighed in on his decision to do ‘good’.

It was this hypocrisy that I had despised from the start, but working under Barry fulfilled my community service after my release but locked me under a contract.

…A contract I was now looking to alter my way out of.

Although these Supers had only the giant demon in mind, I still had to be careful and control my breathing and heart rate to get past some of their super hearing and other abilities. I learnt long ago that it's one thing to be unseen and another to be completely undetected.

My hair reached out and lifted me from the ground and I began ascending up the building wall. I reminded my hair to slow our climb near a couple of the hovering Supers.

Easy does it. We don't want to rush anything. Thankfully the two Supers were continued talking while I bent my body like a contortionist in through Barry's office on suite window. It wasn't designed to open all the way so my hair assisted me when it came to squeezing my body's curves through the gap. Once in, I took a deep breath and lowered to the floor.

In Barry's office my hair was already stretched ahead and picking the filing cabinet where the hard copy of the contract was kept.

I, or to give credit where it's due, my hair had already previously hacked in and made the necessary electronic changes.

I flipped through the files to find my name 'Chiara Loches' and pulled the folder out, retrieving the documentation from within. To destroy this was the last step to being home-free…

I looked closer at the papers…Something was wrong. My hair suddenly wrapped around me defensively breaking my stare and I tensed up as it coiled from top to bottom.

"So what do you think of the new contract." came Barry's voice from outside the door.

There was no time to flee as Burke Wave-Man had already bundled me up in a bear hug from behind.

"What is this?" I demanded as I threw down the pages to the floor.

“What Chiara? So you can use some artistic licencing but as soon as I get creative the whole idea is unfathomable." Barry then looked to Burke Wave-Man and ushered him to bring me closer.

Burke lifted my form and turned me to face Barry as he blew cigar smoke.

“Come Chiara. Don’t be like that... It’s one thing to have to talk to you while you’re in invisible form and another to get the silent treatment on top.”

Barry picked up the pages from the floor and shuffled them together.

“Oh well I guess I’ll do the talking for now. I’ll give you a choice, sign this new contract stating that you’ll be a part of our team for an additional three years and be matched up during that time as girlfriend and side-kick to my best Super and I’ll even leave out the tricky small print this time or your other choice you can have me make a call right now to have you thrown back in where I found you…Actually you’re a big girl now so shall I instead make the call out to my friend who deals with adult offenders.”

I could only imagine Barry was holding the paper work out to where he thought I still was.

It had come to squeezing my curves through the window gap again so to make some covering noise I let my hair begin to struggle the cocoon like shape of me still held captive by Wave-Man.

“Hold her still Burke…for God’s sake she’s a just a girl…don’t let her slip free!” Barry must of lent forward to help take hold of what he thought was me. My hair instinctively unravelled itself and followed me out the window, I was thankful that it held me at the window long enough to see Barry trip forward and get accidently hit in the face by Burke Wave-Man. Barry was out cold and hit the floor like a sack of potatoes.

I turned to flee and noticed the Supers outside coming at me. Two were in flight and I could see at least another two climbing the building at an alarming rate to my position.

Where was I to go?

Before being whisked away a thought crossed my mind and I nodded in response to it…

The Dark Heroes it is then.

The End

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