Chloe Kent

I take a deep breath and step into the school. I've never been a big fan of the place, especially because I have to hide my powers more then eleven there. Which trust me, is hard to do.

So there I am, walking through the hall, not paying attention, when someone bumps into me.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" I exclaim, dropping to my knees to gather my things. He kneels down beside me to gather his own.

"No, sorry. I'm the one that should apologize. I'm the one that bumped into you." When he smiles, I can see a mischievous glint in his eyes.

I stand up slowly, keeping my eyes locked on his. I get the feeling that I should be careful, but for some reason, I feel comfortable with him.

"Hi, I'm Andrew." he says, holding out a hand to introduce himself.

"I'm Chloe." I say, carefully taking his hand in mine to shake.

As we start down the hall, he turns to me. "So, Chloe, where are you headed right now?"

I glance down at my schedule. "Um, English."

He smiles broadly. "No way! I am too."

I shoot him a look, seeing if he is playing with me. He looks serious, but I can't be sure.

We make small talk until we reach room 32, English class. Sure enough, he follows me inside. And, naturally, are assigned seats next to each other.

About halfway through class, he gets a text and his face drops. He raises his hand.

"Yes, Mr. Wilson?" the teacher asks, leering at him over her glasses.

"May I go to the counselor? It's very important." he has a pleading look in his eyes.

"Very well, Mr. Wilson. But make it quick."

He nods and practically jumps out of his seat.</p>

Where is he going in such a hurry? I wonder to myself, but don't think much about it as he should be back any minute.

Ten minutes later, Mrs. T gets a letter from the office and her face pinches in frustration, but she just nods her thanks at the Office Aid and sends them on back.

Andrew doesn't return to class. I start to worry, then wonder why I'm worrying. I just met the guy.

I don't see him at all the rest of the day.

The End

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