The Rage Demon (By Elf)

In this world of super heroes, some are corrupt, fighting for fame and glory, others fight to save. These contrasting opinions may inevitably lead to civil war.

Standing atop the tallest building I had found, I allow my senses to drift out, giving me more details of my surroundings.

The wind brought back sounds of screaming, roaring, pain, fear and anger. Immediately I was on high alert. Someone was in trouble.

I concentrate on the cement below me, following it down hundreds of feet to the ground. Every heartbeat of every human on the ground below enters my body giving me an immediate awareness of their surroundings and feelings.

The majority of heart beats were calm, relaxed. The trouble was not below. Spreading my senses out, I search for the frantic, terrified beats of those in trouble.

Half a mile to my left, a dozen hearts are beating too fast to not be in trouble.

"Gotcha." I say allowed as I begin to concentrate on the air around me.

As I concentrate, the air around my body becomes compliment to my wishes, lifting me above the cement and carrying me over to the frantic heartbeats.

Once there, my eyes widen on immediate horror. A great big beast is fighting of nine superheroes. I know each of them by their super name.

Elementa, come down here and lend us a hand. Envaders powerful physic voice calls in my head. Looking down, I can see him standing away from immediate fire, giving those he can the help they need by sending psychic messages.

Coming! I think loudly, knowing he can hear me.

I let the air float me down and, keeping out of sight, I admire the beast, watching its attack moves and seeing where I can help.

Looking from the grass below its thick feet, up it's black. Scale like skin and to its bright, demonic red eyes, I guess it is about ten feet tall, possibly taller.

As it turns around, I get to see its back and almost fall to the earth in my horror.

Large, three foot long spikes jag out its scaly back, looking dangerously sharp.  A flash of dark nearer the ground catches my eye and I see an equally spiked tail whacking anyone behind it. An unexpecting human gets in its way. Said human meets a quick but gruesome death.

You spectators, get away from here! Envaders voice screams in my head. Immediately the humans run.

Everyone group. The voice then orders. Everyone backs away from the creature and surrounds the young adult.

I float over to them, losing height as I go. Landing behind Banshee, I quickly thicken the air around us, creating a barrier to stop the creature from attacking us.

"We need a plan of attack. Just going for it is not working." Banshee complains as Madame Aid wanders around them all, taking their hands and healing any cuts they received.

"Ok. Blue Dragon, any ideas?" Elusivator asks, suddenly turning visible again right next to the weather controller who in turn, jumped before turning to glare.

"Yes. Everyone go for it at once." He replies. I roll my eyes.

"Do you guys have brains?" I ask, they turn to look at me, distaste showing through a lot of eyes. "That creature, if you actually stop and look, is all anger. It isn't thinking." I explain slowly.

"So...?" Blue Dragon asks.

"So we plan. One after another, hit it. Wear it down." Reluctant nods are passed between everyone as they start their planning.

First, Banshee hits it with a loud scream, causing the thing to roar and cover its ears. I sent in a ball of flame, exploding in its stomach. It falls back with the force.

Then, Puppet Face, the shapeshifter, turned himself into a great big beast, slamming the beast unconscious.

With a moan, the creature shrunk in size, spikes sinking into the body, black scales slowly turning a pale skin colour. The tail shrinks in, creating a spine on the now humanoid naked male in front of us.

Banshee, Blue Dragon, and Sparky move in to kill him but I step up, forcing the air in front of me to thicken, creating a barrier between the man, myself and the other supers.

"What? He is innocent? He deserves to be saved?" Blue Dragon snarls, creating heavy clouds above us.

"Yes. Are you going to kill an unarmed creature?" I ask them, stepping closer to the body.

"Unarmed? Did you see him not thirty seconds ago?" Blue Dragon continues outrageously.

"Yes. And now he is just an old man. And I am taking him to heal." I tell them, turning, picking the man up and creating a funnel of air to lift him up with me to the nearest building.

"Are you ok?" I ask him as soon as his black eyes look into mine.

The End

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