The HuntMature

-Jonathan Kane-

I slowly breathed in, listening to the noise of the jungle with the almost silent hiss of static coming from the squad's comm. Breathe out, I'm looking down the scope of the rifle in my hands, propped against a fallen trunk. 

"Coming in range in three, two, one..." Came Jenkins' voice, along with his heavy breathing.

"Marked." Graham then whispered in the comm, just as the HUD of my eyepiece updated, showing the target as it moved, it's massive head bobbing slightly from one side to the other.

From behind the trees, the beast showed it's head, a red dot marking the exact place I had to shoot. I pressed the trigger and the massive bullet was shot from the cannon, powered by electromagnetism, it ripped the air and quickly sank right inside the dinosaur's eye, followed by two others from Sergei and Maria's own rifle.

"Target down." Graham confirmed as everyone moved out of position and closed in on the target.

"How is it that T-Rex exist on this planet?" Jenkins asked as he regained his breath.

"Did you skip the science lessons?" Graham mocked him. "The Historians believe we're on a parallel world to old Earth. It would explain why so much is similar to our own..."

The man just shrugged and came closer to the dead reptile, kicking it harshly in the fact. "Why was it that I was the one who had to run?" He then grumbled.

"You,re the one who decided to accept speed augments." Maria remarked. Jenkins was about to speak again when I interrupted.

"No fighting please. You all did a good job tonight, which means we can go home."

"It wouldn't have been so easy without those gadgets of yours, it's nice to have a squad leader with an officer daddy." Sergei commented with a snarky grin.

I tossed him a venomous look before marching off, the rest of them in toe. Town was exactly far but rest was very much welcome...

The End

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