History Book - Colonization of EdenMature

History book: Imperial Defense Initiative academy; year I, Edition IV

2038: Due to massive dept and corruption problems, the European union crumble and several of it's nations fall at war.

2041: With world wide petroleum almost depleted, The united states declare emergency rationing of it supplies and take measure to take control of the middle east and south american production.

2042: After political tension rise at unprecedented levels around the borders, the united states anexe both Canada and Mexico, rebranding itself as the North American Coalition.

2044: Nuclear explosions devastate Texas, DC, Mexico City and Quebec city, after investigation, A group of Ex-Iraqi, French Canadian and Mexican are found responsible. Martial law is declared at the NAC begins a witchhunt against detractors.

2045: As the west is plunged into chaos, or trying to rebuild, India, North Korea and China unite under a single banner, also taking a large portion of Russian land. Although initially politically fragile, alternate power sources fuel the new United Republic of the East, causing them to thrive despite the dying fuel supplies.

2046: The UNRotE is found supplying weapons to the rebel factions in the Americas. The Coalition demand for compensation but the Republic refuse, to apologize. Covertly, their support of the rebels increase, leading to a new nuclear bombing.

Following this incident, the Coalition declares war against the Republic. Which lasts from 2046 to 2081. During the war several new weapons and new soldiers are created, using cybernetics and genetic modifications. 

October 2081: Flashpoint, as the Coalition is on the verge of losing, facing overwhelming forces and getting strangled from within by the Canadian revolts, the Coalition launch a global nuclear attack, targeting locations all across the globe. The Republic shortly counter attacks, raining nuclear fire over the earth.

When the fire calms down, all major powers are in pieces, as the world fall into nuclear winter.

2083: The few remaining enclaves band together to from what is known as project star bound, a colony ship to escape the dying earth. Using what meager resources they have,  three space ships are build and launched: Avalon, Tir na Nog and Tian.

2085: All contact is lost with Earth from on board the colony ships. 

2092: Avalon is sucked into a warp and soon make planet fall upon the planet later dubbed 'Eden'

2112: Present date

The End

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