Prologue: PlanetfallMature

Twenty years after mankind colonized the planet of Eden, things begin to stir in the outer dark, it's up to five men and women from different walks of life to piece together the puzzle.

From sergeant Jonathan Kane's personal journal

I was only four, but for some reason, I've always remembered that day, The day everything mankind knew changed over night. I've always had a good memory for those things. 

We had wandered for years, way before I was born, looking for a new home. At night, my father would tell me about how beautiful Earth had been before the war, what it was like to be outside, feel the sun on my skin. That was six years before I was born, that those that survived fled for the stars... Since I was the son of a commanding officer, I did knew, but in the depths of the Avalon, hope was scarce, resources were almost depleted and it was clear that we were just drifting, with no hope of finding a home before we'd run out of supplies.

But then, it just happened, out of no where, the entire ship shook with the impact, the alarm rang and I remember getting taken in my father's arms as he ran for the command post. None of the grown ups understood a thing of what had happened, but like divine intervention, we were now someplace else entirely, in the orbit of a lush green planet.

Apparently, we had fallen through some kind of rift and appeared here. Everyone talked, they spoke of emergency procedures, asked millions of questions, but I wasn't even listening to their babbling. I just looked out of the bridge's viewing platform.

It was just beautiful, contemplating something else than the mechanical corridors of the Avalon, gazing at what had only been bed time stories, old myths of something I though I'd never seen. Out of energy and time to move away, we had no choice but to make planet fall. 

"What are you looking at Jo?" My father asked, as he took me in his arms again.

To me, it was like a fairy tale, and what's what I answered; "Eden..."

The ship fell into the atmosphere an hour later, until it landed almost intact. From there, there was no going back.


The End

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