a new vampireMature

i went to answer the door and it was someone called paul he was a member of my pack and i stared at him then i turned away and he came in asked what was wrong i told him that he was a vampire he agreed i rolled my eyes then damon came down the stairs and saw paul they shook hands and damon wrapped his arms around my waist even though i was married and paul talked to us about sam their leader being missing, so damon discussed the situation with me and we decided to help him which we did. we found sam. we was hunting that night when someone snuck up on us we didn't know who it was and they knocked everyone out but i was left untouched and he walked away so i grabbed his legs and knocked him over before killing him with with one bite in the neck. i returned to damon and stefen and they looked at me and knew that i had killed someone and they said it was okay so we then went to bed as it was getting late and we had to be up early to go meet some stupid head of vampires like from very far away...

The End

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