the army are interveningMature

on the foggy morning the next day i woke up to a pounding knock on the door damon was awake as well i went to the window to see who it was and it turned out to be loads of army officials damon knew they were here for him and took a step back there was another pounding at the door and i had to answer it they came in and shot damon then left. damon looked at me and i removed the bullet and healed his wound he started to cry so i comforted him. then i went to see the police i was on fire and i asked them what they were doing they smiled and in retallition i killed their chief and damon drank the blood then we went home and damon was still scared so i led them on a false trail and they found damon but it wasn't actually damon they killed him. i came back and damon asked how it went and i told him and he was pleased that everything was okay then we went to bed and had a decent nights sleep. but then someone creepy was knocking on the door i went to answer it...

The End

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