the dead is risingMature

it was another full moon this evening and we all had a feeling that something bad was going to happen so we went to school and had a blast then it was night and we was just walking past the graveyard and i saw out of the corner of my eye a dead person rising i tapped damon he looked at the graveyard and saw what i saw as did everyone else so we decided to leg it the zombies ran after us and we turned round and shot them they were dead for good this time so we returned home went to bed as it was late. the next morning i was woken up by my brother edward honking his car horn but i still slept on so he came into my room and dragged me out of the house damon was dragged out as well by emmett we got in their car i was still half asleep as i was having a vision we arrived at their place and i told them about the vision they looked shocked and i went to see mitchell being stabbed by kemp with a stake in the heart and then i rushed to him and damon took care of kemp the vampire way and i removed the stake and healed him, then mitchell grabbed my wrist and started babbling about everyone killing him, tried to get him to let go so i comforted him and he let go then something snuck up on us all...

The End

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