finding who set damon upMature

me and damon arrived home and damon collapsed onto the sofa with his head in his hands i comforted him and he asked me to help him find wohever set him up i agreed and we looked at stefen and retraced his steps and found that stefen had called the police on damon and we listened to the conversation between stefen and the police and damon stared at me. i pulled us out of the vision and called a pack meeting about stefen damon came as well, as he had to tell the pack about what stefen did him and what he's been doing before that the pack were shocked and said that they promised to teach stefen a lesson and we told them to be soft but they just left. me and damon went home and watched the pack as they beat up stefen but zak stopped them and they left then came back to us and we paid them then they left. damon looked pleased and we went to bed as it was late. the next morning we got ready for school and stefen looked terrible olena saw and cuddled him. stefen came up to us and told us about the atatck we was scared, then my phone went off it was mitchell he wanted me to pick him up before he killed lucy for betarying him. i ran off with damon and we went in the car and arrived at the facility where mitchell had grabbed lucy, i ran forward and put my hand out mitchell took it and we went back home where we all decided to go hunt so we waited till nightfall then we killed some animals.

The End

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