seeing my husband againMature

that day i was with damon when a car pulled up it beared the name torchwood on the side the team got out and jack hugged me i introduced him to stefen and damon and their uncle zak they said hi then jack told us about this case and me and damon agreed to help them we tracked the monsters and put them in a cell at torchwood hq then me and damon said bye to them for the night and went to bed, stefen glared at us as we went in the house. it was the middle of the night and suddenly there was a loud bang downstairs i went to see what it was with damon behind me, when we got into the living room we saw that the door had been kicked down then loads of police officers came in and arrested damon for suspicion of murder. i collapsed the police caught me as i cried out and damon cried out to me, i broke free of the policemen and ran outside where the car sped away with damon in the back so i whistled and my creature came to me then i jumped on it then went off to the police station following the car with damon in. i appeared by the window and damon looked at me and i flew ahead i got to the station at the same time as the police car. they dragged damon out and i looked at him he looked back. then tried to break free of the police and they held him back from me but damon broke free and rushed towards me, i grabbed his hand and we ran outside to the creature and flew off damon looked back and smiled at the guards then we left quickly.

The End

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