damon is missingMature

i woke up the morning after the fight and went to wake damon up but he wasn't there and then i had a vision of stefen taking damon and locking him in the basement again surrounded by revene so i rushed to the basement and damon rushed to the door before sliding down. he was too weak. i opened the door and carried damon back to my place and gave him some blood then stefen and zak came in and saw damon they took a step towards him but i stood in front of damon and they looked at me then left. damon looked scared and i cuddled him then suggested we go to sleep as we had school in the morning we went to sleep. the next morning i was woken up by damon for a change and he made breakfast he was excited about going to see caroline again and so we went to school and one of my brothers was there i asked what was wrong he told me about the volturi. they were here. so we talked then they left and we went to class me and damon were in no classes as we went home.

The End

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