a fight in the schoolMature

it was early the next morning and i was getting ready for school when asked if he could come too he wanted to see caroline so i agreed we went in the car, we arrived at the school and caroline was with olena and stefen when we got out of the car she came running towards us and cuddled him, damon cuddled her back then stefen and olena came over damon and olena shook hands and then stefen pushed damon up against the wall and started punching him non-stop damon looked in a right state so i told them to stop in my alpha voice they stopped and stefen went to lesson with olena and caroline and i took damon to get cleaned up we came out as the lesson ended, the others came out and stefen tried to attack his brother again and i sent him flying backwards then damon whispered in my ear. i gave him the car keys and he got in the car and sped off, i ran after the car with the others watching and jumped onto the door of the drivers side and damon went to the passenger side and i went into the drivers side driving the car so fast it was past the 100mph speed.

The End

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