stopping mitchellMature

the next morning i was up eating breakfast with damon when the phone rang i put it on loud speaker it was george he told me about mitchell killing loads of people because his girlfriend tried to kill him, george told me to stop him so i hung up and grabbed the car keys, me and damon rushed outside to the car and sped off to the facility we saw mitchell and he was about to kill his girlfriend and everyone else as well we stared at him he turned back round and let a gunshot off i told him to stop in my alpha voice, he stopped and looked at me then dropped the gun and we took him to a clinic to get better it was full of vampires. we then went home and drank some tea, i could hear mitchell screaming and crying because of what she did to him damon heard it too and cuddled me. we went to bed it was late. i was asleep when there was a pounding on the door, i went to answer it but damon was already there it was stefen he was holding a stake and he tried to stake damon but i pushed him away and stefen hit me instead i looked at the stake and pulled it out the wound healed quickly stefen left after seeing that the stake only made me stronger. damon got up...

The End

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