saving damonMature

that morning i was having breakfast when i saw stefen go down to see damon in the basement of his place i saw damon as well he looked terrible. damon was scared and he was weak. so when stefen left for school i orbed into the basement of his house, i arrived at damons cell, damon looked at me weakly then begged for me to let him out i was about to do something when stefen and their uncle zak came and grabbed my hands i pulled them away and stefen stared at me. i looked at the door then grinned at stefen and zak before walking through the door as it it wasn't there and damon grabbed my hand and i grabbed damon then orbed out of the cell stefen opened the door wondering where i had gone. i got damon to my place and i let him go but then he nearly fainted so i layed him on the sofa and went upstairs to get some human blood for him. i returned with the blood and damons ring, damon asked where his ring was i gave it to him explaining about how i got it off stefen then i gave damon the blood then i went and made myself a cup of tea adding a drop of animals blood in it i drank it right down. damon had finished his so we talked about damon not killing any more

The End

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