i'm engaged againMature

that evening me and jack had a romantic meal and suddenly he went down on one knee and said "will you marry me?" i looked surprised and then i kissed him he said "is that a yes" and i said "yes" then he laughed and he hugged me. we went to sleep then. in the morning we told everyone they were saying can we be your bridesmaids and can we be your best men, but then i heard something outside and went outside to see what it was the others saw me go outside jack looked at me. i got outside and looked around then mitchell walked out of the darkness i hugged him then looked at him, he was covered in blood i asked what was wrong he said he had been in a fight and then he showed me his arm it was gushing blood so i tore a strip of my shirt and used it to stem the blood and torchwood came out. then i stitched it up and put a bandage on it. he thanked me for it and then told me about finding the guy who tried to kill him i told him that i had found him and killed him he looked relieved.

The End

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