the vampire covenMature

we was working on a case the morning after jack had asked me to work with him it was a case involving those of my kind we traced them, and saw loads of vampires there we burst in and the leader of the vampires looked at me, it was mitchell jack saw who it was and looked at me. mitchell walked forwards and grabbed my hand he was showing what it was about then he begged me to not do this and jack looked at me as well he told me to kill them mitchell begged me not to, i broke down and shook my head i couldn't do it jack stared at me and asked why i told him the truth that mitchell was my brother and still is. jack nodded and told us all to leave mitchell thanked me and hugged me then jack called for me so i told my brother i would see him later. we went back and me and jack talked about it then i burst into tears jack comforted me then we kissed.

The End

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