a new caseMature

the next morning i was with torchwood they had a new case so i came to help them i read the case and traced the guy until he stopped at a place in town then i flew off and followed him and i was in front of torchwoods car he stopped at a burger place that was deserted i was suspicious and torchwood came up behind me as i walked it smelt of burnt flesh. i went through to the back and saw the guy i knocked him out and torchwood put him in the car whilst i got a cleanup team out to take care of the bodies then we went back to base. i was ordering us all a pizza when jack came up and put his hands around my waist me and zadane had broken up and we were divorced but were still friends so now me and jack were together, he whispered in my ear "you should work with us for real and i understand about your visions and the people you have to save but please work with us" so i considered it and he looked at me waiting for an answer in the end i had to say "yes" then he whooped and gave me a big hug.

The End

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