working with torchwoodMature

a week later jack and the others started to worry about me jack was in such a state he was constantly on edge and crying and blaming himself meanwhile i was up in the heavens and i was also fully recovered they finished checking me over and said i was fine so i orbed out and torchwood were still waiting when i orbed through the door, i walked in and they all looked round as i walked up to them, jack ran towards me and gave me a massive hug i hugged him back and he started to cry i comforted him. jack thought it was all his fault i told him that it wasn't then he hugged me again i told him that i would be back later and he stared at me and i reassured him that i was just going to see someone. i went to see my brother at the hospital he was in no state to come home then someone attacked me and my arm was horrible it was a great big gash down it and there was blood everywhere the nurse and doctor bandaged it up and i returned to torchwood where jack saw the wound he asked what was wrong i explained what had happened he swore never to let me go anywhere on my own again.

The End

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