aragorn an old friendMature

leo was awake and stefen took him out hunting i was out mowing the lawn seeing as it was a sunny day when a car pulled up it was a nice car as well. out of the car came an old mate we stared at each other then he pulled me into a great big hug, i hugged him back then we sat down and had a whisky and chatted. he left later i wished him well then went back to doing the lawn. when i had finished that i got a call of a mate called captain jack harkness he was on about some rift that been opened i wasn't really listening as i was having a vision of what had happened, so i met him at the torchwood base where i find that he had been shot i looked at the others they were running out after opening the rift fully then suddenly jack grabbed my leg and begged me not to leave him in here so i picked him up and ran outside with him then we saw this huge creature, it was satan! i called for the angels and we travelled to an open space with jack wanting to help. we pushed torchwood back jack watched in agony as we prepared and we was chucking golden orbs at him full of light and he came crushing down then i fainted and leo came down from the whitelighters reaasured jack that i was okay and took me up there to recover.

The End

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